Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jacobs an Eagle?

Please look away if you are offended by Reid bashing. I do not want to offend his few remaining fans in this city. But it is just becoming so easy to criticize the Big Guy. And this latest criticism again ties into the Giants game, just not how you would think.

There really is no need to continue to question Reid's play calls, game management, etc.. from Sunday's game. The Eagles lost, it's time to move on before the season is totally wasted. I want more than a lousy playoff berth, but in the end I would be happy to see the Eagles playing any January games after missing out on the party last year. Time to focus on the Bengals. Can you imagine the attacks if the Eagles would lose to those bums? But it won't happen, it can't happen.

OK back to the point, the criticism. What was the biggest uproar from fans following the Giants game? I saw it as the Eagles inability to stop the run and having to watch a back like Jacobs shred our D, while the Eagles couldn't eek out 3 yards in crunch time. If we only had a Jacobs of our own.

Sadly, we could have had a back like Jacobs. Scratch that...we could of had the real Brandon Jacobs!

Flashback to the 2005 NFL draft. A quick review and you see that Jacobs was drafted #110 by the G-Men. Prior to that selection the Eagles had 5 draft picks, meaning 5 times they passed on drafting the big back they always needed!

Who did the Eagles select ahead of Jacobs? Mike Patterson (good pick), Reggie Brown (continues to get worse), Matt McCoy (his greatest headline was being arrested for a DUI this season), Ryan Moats (couldn't even beat out Booker), and Sean Considine (not even worth a comment).

Yea the draft is a hit and miss business. But man did the Eagles really blow this one. Oh yea, the Eagles also passed on drafting Marion Barber (pick #109).


Mr 215 said...

Yeah that draft information is crazy to hear...Barber and Jacobs...Was Ryan Moats really that much ahead of those two in college...NO WAY!!! But Im ready to move on to Cincy!!!

chris klinkner said...

agree...onwards to 6-4. maybe the cowboys can beat the 'skins and then there are 3 NFC East teams with 4 losses.

colonel said...

And this is another good reason to at least get Reid out of the Player / Personnel business. If you have to, leave him on as Head Coach, but give somebody else the responsibility of GM and VP of Player / Personnel. Until that happens, the team isn't going to improve.

Justin in Portland, OR said...

This is another one of my many gripes with how Reid "manages" the draft. To be honest, I've always felt the Eagles managed their draft picks (ie, trading up or down...) pretty well. They use the picks that they have only for what they thought they needed, not for the flashiest of players.

With that said, how do they consistently get their draft picks nearly wrong? I swear, they draft D and O lineman like it's going out of style, yet the truth has been exposed this year: there are a lot of key players whose contracts are up this year. Not only are they key players, but they are old. Some of them can still play, and some of them may be past their prime.

So while the Eagles continued to draft new studs, none of them have really panned out enough to replace their elders. So now they will have to decide which players they release and which they keep.

Runyan can still play with the best of them, but what do you do with guys like Dawkins? He has meant so much to this organization, but you can't deny he's been a shell of the player he's been in years past.

That's my two cents... on to Cincy!!! 6-4!