Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Blame Marty...

Maybe McNabb should seek out the advice of his Offensive Coordinator on how to deal with an OT blunder. Or maybe it was Marty who was teaching the rules of OT to McNabb.

Whenever you are feeling down Eagle Fans, just think Detroit Lions. It's always so much worse in Detroit.

Flashback to November 25, 2002. The Lions were playing the Bears and the game goes into OT. The Lions win the coin toss and coach Marty Mornhinweg elects to punt, citing the wind factor. What?!? Chicago converts the opening drive into 3 points and wins the game. On that game winning drive Marty also provided the Bears with an extra down after accepting a 3rd down penalty. Idiot!

Marty's decision to take the wind and kick-off made him a national joke. Marty was ridiculed by players, fans, and the media. After the season Marty was fired.

Marty's situation sounds all too familiar to what transpired on Sunday. This time it was an idiot comment by McNabb about not knowing games could end in a tie (has the man never looked at the standings in a newspaper, what did he think the T stood for?). Now McNabb is the national joke. And after this season (unfortunately) McNabb too will be looking for a new home.

So Donovan, my advice, just blame it on Marty. Everything already thinks he's an idiot.

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Anonymous said...

Marty will be fired before Reid.