Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just Gotta Run

It seems to simple, so obvious to this fan. To beat the G-Men this weekend, the Eagles have to RUN the ball. Will the pass obsessed Reid follow this game plan? His game planning history says no, but his November/December winning percentage says he does what it takes to win.

If for no other reason than to keep McNabb healthy and away from the Giants pass rush, the Eagles should make running the rock a priority. But can the Eagles run against the G-Men? If you look at the past 4 match-ups against NY, the numbers shout YES!

In 2006, Westbrook had 306 combined rushing yards in 3 games against the Giants (also had 108 receiving yards, 4 TDs). In 2007, B-West had 116 rushing yards (an 38 receiving, 1 TD), while Buck posted 103 yards (and 35 receiving) in the other match-up.

The holes that weren't there against Seattle need to be there for B-West and Buck this week. The OL needs to up their game. As Reid always preaches, games are won and lost up front. We have the talented backs to win the battle, and if nothing else, the Eagles have the size advantage with their OL. On paper we should win.

Need motivation, how about running the rock down the throat of ex-Eagles, and draft bust McDougle? I don't hear anyone missing him now.


Anonymous said...

I can't agree more. I think that, at times, under Reid's play-calling he has been too quick to abandon the run. That and the runs that he calls at times are predictable and poorly timed. The pass-to-run ratio has always been a bit too pass happy and not enough run happy.

This year, however, it seems the offensive line is failing to push opposing defenses off the line of scrimmage on run plays. Against the Giants, this will be a bigger challenge than most weeks.

Nonetheless, I believe the Eagles will forge ahead and win a close, hard-fought game this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

i hope you last line is correct justin

Justin in Portland, OR said...

Me too! Imagine going from "cellar-dwellers" to possibly in sole possession of second-place in the NFC east (barring how the Redskins play) going into the second half of the season. The Eagles, under Reid, have finished seasons strong. This is the start of season #2 for the Eagles.

A slow start and strong finish will definitely be needed. We need a win against an NFC east team! GO EAGLES!!