Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucky Lito Sheppard

Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Lito Sheppard. Or maybe it's Christmas in November for Sheppard. The news that Samuel will most likely miss tomorrow's game might be bad for the team, but perfect for the me-first Sheppard.

Every now and then Sheppard will slip in a comment about his displeasure with his role, but overall he has played the good soldier. But really does he have any choice? Despite his displeasure he has been unable to supplant Samuel or Brown as a starter. And then when he does get on the field there have been no "wow" plays. Just average play with the occasional gaffe.

One could actually make the argument that Lito is in worse position to demand a trade and new contract this off season than last. In this regard, the Eagles are probably more screwed. Good like getting a first day draft pick now.

But before we go writing off Lito's 2008 season let's see how the Cardinals game plays out. It's a nationally televised game, Lito is again a starter, and Lito has the opportunity to play hero against the #2 ranked passing offense.

One of Lito's trademark big plays could extend our playoff hopes one more game, while also again sparking big money interest in Lito. No doubt, the later is what Lito will be playing for tomorrow night!

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