Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Maddness of a Reid Press Conference

The man refuses to answer questions. When he does respond it's the same empty answers. His tone is filled with smugness and "I know-it-all." During an Andy Reid press conference is he only talking to the media? No he is also talking to and frustrating us fans.

We fans support the team with unmatched passion. Players come and go, but we fans remain the same. We commit our time and money to the Eagles. There is no waiver with Eagle fans. We boo and criticize because we are knowledgeable, we expect the best from our team.

So when things go wrong we want answers. The fans want to know why things failed and how they are going to be fixed.

Unfortunately with Reid we never get these explanations and answers. This is insulting to the fans. If we are going to give the Eagles are unwavering attention don't we deserve more than the same pointless rhetoric every week? Yes we do!

Reid doesn't have to be Mr. Personality or give away the "team secrets." Just give us something to better understand the team. Stop insulting our intelligence. Simple answers and information would allow Reid to connect with the fan base.

At year 10 I am not sure which is more maddening, the coaching or the press conferences. Let's call it a tie. On the flip side, there is plenty of material for Reid's own series of Coors Light commercials!


colonel said...

Here's an answer to the Reid Press Conferences which is actually more disturbing than his smugness and Mr. Know-it-All attitude: he really doesn't know the answer. He really doesn't know what went wrong and how to fix it, so he has no meaningful answers to give.

After watching Andy and his Eagles for 10 years, and watching the same old game plan and the same old mistakes, the scary thing is that I really don't think he knows the answers!

Garretts said...

Who made you the spokesman for Eagles Fans? Your an opinionated nobody!

Garretts said...

What kind of Eagle fan would have a link for Patriots jerseys. Klinker your such a sell out.

chris klinkner said...

who is the klinker fella you speak of Garretts?