Saturday, November 15, 2008

McNabb Can Be Favre

I came across these quotes in today's paper...
  • "You get into the huddle and you look into his eyes and you know you're going to have a chance to win."
  • "There's a sense of ease when he has the ball because you feel like he'll get it to the right place. If the play doesn't look like it's supposed to look, he's going to make something happen that makes it right."

Unfortunately these aren't quotes about Mcnabb, but instead about Favre. The first by RB Leon Washington, the second by Coach Mangini.

It's amazing what a few wins can do for the morale of a team. A few weeks back everyone was all over Favre following a loss to Oakland and a last minute win over Kansas City. Now Favre is again Superman.

Just curious, if you polled the Eagles players and coaches this week, would similar sentiment be voiced for #5?

This week probably not. But give it time. Another 3 game winning streak for the Eagles should do the trick. Then no one will care if McNabb is smiling on the sidelines or conversing with the opponent after the game.

It's still too early to give up on the 2008 Eagles and their QB. Hell it might even be too early to give up on the coach. 6-4 here we come!

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colonel said...

And if all else fails, remember, just 91 days and counting until Phillies Pitchers and Catchers report to Clearwater for the start of Spring Training!