Thursday, November 13, 2008

McNabb to Cincinnati?

The report was that McNabb missed practice yesterday. I instantly thought, good for the Eagles, again thinking outside the box.

First there was the touchdown pass to Todd Herremans in the Seattle game. Then on Sunday night there was DeSean Jackson in the wildcat formation, taking it in for six. Big Andy, getting all creative on us.

Is such creativity continuing for the Bengals game? Was McNabb absent from practice so he could fly early to Cincinnati?

An early arrival would allow #5 to begin throwing days early, allow him to sort out his throwing mechanics. And when the first quarter rolls around Donovan will actually be ready to roll, not having to waiting 1 1/2 quarters to find his rhythm. Passes would hit the WRs in the hands, not sail over their heads or land 10 yards short.

Oh wait, it turns out that McNabb is still in Philly and missed practice because of personal reasons. Damn.


colonel said...

Maybe McNabb needs his own bus like the Maddon it the Donny Bus....and he can run up and down the aisle and practice passing all the way to the games so he will be all warmed up and ready!

Anonymous said...

funny stuff!

Anonymous said...

A good laugh

Anonymous said...

he was busy tossing chunky soup cans to get warmed up.