Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Meaning of Philly Sports...

Just like winning game #5, there are probably a million more stories about what yesterday's parade meant to them. Whether you were down in the city or home watching on TV, the day, the event, was magical.

For me, yesterday's parade in a way validated my love of and passion for Philly sports.

The hours spent watching the local teams, the money spent on fan gear are unmeasurable. The creation of this site was just one more way to show my passion for my teams. People who don't understand the sports fan, would think that without a winner all of this time and money was wasted. Idiots.

Sports are the ultimate escape as was witnessed this week in Philadelphia. You think one Phillies fan gave a crap about money woes, the upcoming election, even their 9-5 job this week? Doubt it. Ask those same fans if they regret the money spent on securing World Series tickets, the money they unloaded at the local sporting goods store on championship gear, or using a personal day to get yesterday off from work. You wouldn't find a single regret or second guessing from any of them.

Philly sports are always there for you. They take you on an emotional roller coaster, usually with the fans experiencing a nose-diving, head-on collision at season's end. So what...our first words are always "just wait until next year!"

But in the end we wouldn't change a damn thing about our teams. They are Philadelphia, they are us. They are the reason that each morning we go directly to the sports section of the newspaper, our work commutes are spent listening to 610 or 950, our "water-cooler" talks are always centered on last night's games, our wives or girlfriends get annoyed because we get glued to the TV or outings have to be arranged around a teams' schedule, and why father and son bonds are so strong.

In the end we probably didn't need a championship to validate being a Philly sports fan. Win or lose the Philly fan isn't going to change. Our commitment and passion isn't any less or any more now that we finally have that elusive championship.

So in the end I guess I viewed yesterday as a big thank you to the Philadelphia sports fan. One of our teams was finally able to show us the love that we show them 365 days a year. As Chse Utley might say..pretty F-ing sweet!

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