Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Than Just Talk

A quick read of today's paper and you will see the following quotes...

- McNabb: "It's a must-win situation for us every week."
- Dawkins: "We have no room for error."

This is the mentality that is needed by the team leaders. It is the exact opposite of the garbage the team used to say about how they coulda, shoulda, woulda beat a team following a loss. How they were always better than the teams that were beating them.

The Eagles, the fans know that today is a must win game. The Eagles need a win to keep their season, their playoff hopes, their division title hopes, and their hopes of keeping pace with the Phillies alive. Must win, no excuses, they cannot leave Seattle without the W.

Today I will take a Eagles W, a Cowboys W (can't believe I just typed that!), and a Steelers W tomorrow night. We are then looking at 3 divison teams with 3 losses, and a chance for the Eagles to leap back into a tie for first with a victory over the Giants next week.

Yea I might be looking ahead, but the success of the Phillies has this fan spoiled. We always knew a title would be sweet, but man was it ever. Just getting to the playoffs will no longer satisfy this fan or this city. We want champions. We want parades!

It is time for McNabb to follow through on his comments this week that the Eagles will be the next team to bring home the title. It begins at 4pm today.

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