Friday, November 28, 2008

No Bashing, Just Eagles Highlights

Even the most loyal and optimistic of Eagle fans understand that yesterday's thrashing of the Cardinals may not be enough to save the 2008 season. There are still some major flaws on this team. Some major changes are still needed in the off-season.

But can we PLEASE go a few days without the Eagles negativity. Let's savor the win. Let's enjoy the succes of the run game and the return of the old McNabb. Unfortunately some local newspapers and talk shows still find the need to bash the Eagles today. Why?!?

Let fans enjoy the opportunity to read the paper, watch the sport shows, and listen to the radio without cringing that Eagles bashing might be coming.

There is a still good chance the Eagles aren't going to make the playoffs this season. Wins like last night might be the highlight of the season. Save the bashing and the negativity for the off-season. Or at least until the next loss.

Let's enjoy this holiday weekend. The Eagles won in dominating fashion with a nearly perfect game. There are so many positives to focus on, so let's focus on them today!

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