Friday, November 7, 2008

Non-stop Pressure this week!!!

Now we all have heard the so-called experts give their opinions on the Defending Super Bowl Champs. I think #1 ingredient for the Eagles defeating the Giants is pressure. We must treat Eli Manning the same way we treated Big Ben, and that's a game of intense pressure. We need continuous sacks, repeated hurries, and "to be honest" a few late hits to keep Eli nervous wouldn't hurt either. Now I'm not saying go for intentional hits that may cause an injury, but lets rattle Eli's cage (see the Browns - Giants game this year). This is football and I think this game must be as grimy as possible, and it must start directly at the QB!

We all remember how much Tom Brady was attacked in the Superbowl last year, so let's give NY a dose of their own medicine.

Let's take it to the Grindhouse!!!


Anonymous said...

best movie EVER!!!!!!!

devon said...

you are right mr. swagger, but we also need our offense line and offensive play calling to step up. Especially in the red zone

Anonymous said...

nice clip