Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not All The Fault of McNabb

Can we please end the conversation about McNabb's comments on not knowing the rules of a tie game. McNabb acknowledged today that he has no regrets over making the comments and if nothing else, everyone in the league is now fully aware of the rule. Issue closed.

The post-game comments had no affect on the outcome of the game. The coaching staff was aware of the OT rules and was calling the plays into #5. McNabb then carried out the plays, as evidenced by the Hail Mary Pass.

And can we also please stop blaming the entire 2008 season on McNabb?
  • Did McNabb cause the front 7 of the D to allow 200+ rushing yards against the Giants?
  • Did McNabb cause the DBs to blow coverages in the Cowboys game?
  • Did McNabb cause the OL to not be able to open a hole for one lousy yard against Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Cinncinnati?
  • Did McNabb cause the WRs to be at the top of the NFL in dropped balls or be unable generate separation?
  • Did McNabb prevent the TEs from collectively having only one quality game this year?
  • Did McNabb cause the coaching staff to forget how to coach and play call this season?
  • Did McNabb cause the Front Office / GM to enter the season with a roster full of holes?

The answer is no. McNabb was not at fault for these things. And McNabb's tie comments were most certainly not at fault.

Don't get me wrong, McNabb is a part of this mess, but he is not the whole mess as others are trying to make us believe. Time to move on. Ravens this Sunday!

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