Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not a Blackout, But a Redout

Wear your Phillies gear to Thursday's game against the Cardinals.

The need for change is obvious. I would not disagree with seeing both the Reid and McNabb era come to an end. Will it happen? I would definitely put my money on McNabb not returning in 2009. Reid, well that is Mr. Lurie's decision.

Today's game and post game conference should be the final evidence needed for Mr. Lurie to eat the remaining contract money and fire Reid. If not, here's an idea...

Of highest importance to Lurie is the Eagles public appearance and standing. Lurie takes great pride in the Eagles being "top-dog" in the city. Well a nationally televised Thanksgiving game gives us fans the greatest opportunity to show our disgust with the current state of the Eagles.

The Eagles are encouraging all fans to wear black to Thursday's game. The Linc will be a blackout. Instead of blackout how about we all wear our Phillies gear to the game. Show Lurie who the Gold Standard in the city is. Show Lurie that we want and deserve winners.

Make Thursday night a redout. Anyone with me?!?

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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I wish we could get this out to everyone. LETS GO PHILLIES!!!