Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Buying The Reid Talk

Was anyone even surprised with today's announcement that L.J. Smith will still be the starting TE for the Giants game? Come on, Reid will never admit that he or the team screwed up in franchising or even drafting Smith.

Is it the right call? Who knows, but in the end the final call is Reid's call. But some of the comments made by Reid today regarding Smith are just plain insane. Again, Reid must think we are all idiots!

Smith is a Pro Bowl caliber player...not really big guy. Smith has had one good year since he came into the league. Smith is the worst TE in the division, is in the bottom third of TEs in the major statistical categories, always seems to suffer a lingering injury, and has been seen giving up on plays this season.

It's true Celek only had one good game, but does anyone think that Smith would of caught all those balls yesterday...I don't. In yesterday's game Celek exceed Smith's output for the entire season. Nothing Pro Bowl caliber there.

Please also save us the talk about how Smith demands so much attention from the opposition. Jason Witten or Chris Cooley yes, L.J. Smith no. There is only one offensive player on the Eagles that deserves double teams and that is Brian Westbrook.

And lastly, is anyone surprised that L.J. is suddenly healed following Celek's big game yesterday? Smith might not be good, buy hey, he ain't dumb. It's a contract year, he can't be outdone by a back-up TE.

No worries L.J., I am sure Reid will be handing you a big fat contract extension soon enough. I mean you are Pro Bowl caliber!


Anonymous said...

I have a love/ hate relationship with Reid. I love to hate the guy and I hate to love the guy. I'm not at all surprised by his quick backing of LJ. I'm not surprised because I know he doesn't like change. This would be a great opportunity for Celek to build on a career game. He played great against a lesser opponent in the Seahawks. Why not build on that? Maybe re-evaluate the TE position week-by-week? Reid's decision making is troubling to me.

Again, yesterday the Eagles struggled at times with short yardage situations. A QB sneak on 4th-and-1 worked, but the earlier 3rd-and-1 was sniffed out. My dad and I were at the game, and I called it before it happened. If I don't get paid to observe football and I know what play is coming, don't you think the opposing team that does get paid will know, AR?

Only when the Eagles started thinking outside of the box did they have success, just as it seems is the case each week. Yesterday, we saw a successful TE screen. We also saw an OL catch a TD pass for the first time in the Eagles last 74 years. It's THOSE plays that teams can't handle because they don't see them coming. Yet AR continues at times to rely on the same ol' predictable play calling. And each week he says the same dribble, "I need to put the guys in a better position." At this point, it's nothing more than a meaningless, over-extended phrase that gets uttered each press conference.

I say start Celek and allow him to get his feet wet. Up until yesterday the TE position has produced zilch. What would it hurt to allow a semi-inexperienced NFL TE the chance to get comfortable on the field with valuable field time against a great opponent? Other teams don't know a lot about Celek because he's virtually unknown. Therefore they can't scout him. Ugh.

Garretts said...

Your an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Garret, for backing up your opinion with a different theory. Your three words and poor grammar (your is the contraction of "you are", which makes it "you're"). Some elaboration on your comment would be great. Where did I go wrong? Stating that creative play-calling resorted in success?

If you think LJ is the answer, the idiot is staring at you in the mirror. And if LJ makes the Pro Bowl this year, I'll fly to Guam and teach you proper english punctuation. Until then, keep writing detailed posts without any back up, moron.

chris klinkner said...

very nice justin...though he may of been calling me an idiot!

Garretts said...

Sorry Justin for the bad grammar and post. I was refering to Chris and his less than pleasant comments about Reid. It just seems so counter productive to to challenge every comment that he makes. I too was at the game in Seattle and Celek had a carreer day but that alone will not put him ahead of L.J. in the starting line-up. I get frustrated myself for the lack of production from the TE but the reason is opposing teams take away the TE options. That's when DM sends the ball to another receiver. L.J. knows the system and provides the blocks when needed.In my opinion. It was great experience for the young TE and the valuable playing time will be beneficial later but come Sunday against the Giants L.J. needs to be in the game.