Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Stupid, But A Brilliant Move

If only his coach was this smart. Maybe then the Eagles wouldn't be NFC East basement dwellers. The media and fans are all over McNabb for his post-game comments about not knowing the rules of OT. I say, brilliant move Donovan.

There is just no way that a 10 year veteran doesn't know about a game ending in a tie. And if you don't know, no one can be stupid enough to admit their stupidity to the nation! I just don't by it.

So I am going to give McNabb credit for finding a way to take the spotlight off of his game performance yesterday. Remember the 4 turnovers, the deflected passes, a completion percentage of under 50%, the goofy smile, and tying the Bengals! Way to deflect the attention McNabb.

Wait, he wasn't kidding. McNabb really is this clueless. Well that's OK. Such idiocy could be the answer to all of McNabb's struggles. Maybe he doesn't know games begin in the first quarter, that games don't end after 58 minutes, or that his teammates wear green and not orange. I mean not all of the QBs on the field yesterday went to Harvard.

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colonel said...

Now everybody in the sports world knows that the Eagles veteran Quaterback thought he was playing Ultimate Warrior, where you keep playing until the last man is standing, and not NFL Football. But I think that everybody in Philly already knew that Donovan was confused about the game for a few years now!

How can somebody do a job for over 10 years and not know the rules of the job? For that matter, how can somebody play for over 10 years on a professional level and continue to play like he is a rookie? But, that's another story.

I don't know if it would have made any difference, but I would be interested in knowing exactly when McNabb discovered that he was in a 1 quarter sudden death overtime situation. I know Reid apparently doesn't trust McNabb making any idenpendent decisions or give him too much information, but hopefully he was told before that last play and he understood how urgent it was that each play really counted. But, then, maybe Andy didn't understand the rules either!