Thursday, November 20, 2008

One Fan's Wish List

The 2008 season wasn't supposed to be like the 2007 season. We were promised a title, instead the Eagles are fighting just to get to another 8-8 record. To avoid the 2009 season being like the 2008 season, here's one fans' thoughts on how to improve our Iggles...

  1. It won't happen but Reid has to go. The Eagles need to hire a GM and a coach. The coach should be defensive minded. Please just hire Spagnuolo. This game, like every game, is defense first.
  2. Trade or let McNabb go. He is physically and mentally regressing. Usher in Kolb, but grab a veteran backup other than Feeley.
  3. See if there is a market for Westbrook. There is still talent there, but he is too injury prone. If they keep B-West they need a complimentary big back for 10 carries a game and short yardage situations.
  4. Finally admit that drafting Reggie Brown was a mistake. Trade the clown.
  5. Bye, bye L.J., welcome to your new starting position Celek. To compliment Celek bring in a TE who does nothing but block to make him a factor in establishing a run game.
  6. Get a FB who is a FB. So simple.
  7. Bring in competition to challenge Akers and Rocca. Their jobs should not be guaranteed.
  8. Thank Tra Thomas for his many years of service and say goodbye. Maybe move Herremans to LT, but address the mess that is this O line with draft picks. Have someone who isn't Reid picking them and someone who isn't Castillo coaching them.
  9. Dawkins retires. Get younger and faster at Safety with a guy who can cover someone faster than me.
  10. Bid Lito farewell. He looks very soft to me, like he is playing half speed on purpose. Reid should have taken care of this mess this past off season.
  11. Get a fat guy to man the DT spot. They get pushed around too much up front.

Is this really to much to ask?!?

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Anonymous said...

This is some of the dumbest shit I have ever heard. I agree Reid needs to go and I would like Spags. But McNabb is fine, he's in a slump, but that happens...look at Peyton Manning this season. Trade Westbrook? Are you serious? This is the first season injuries have been a problem and we dont even know if it is a problem b/c Andy doesnt run the damn football, maybe if he got more touches things would be different. I agree with getting a bigger back though. And why would you get rid of Rocca? He's been nothing but great this year with the exception of Sunday night and that was b/c of the's his 2nd year playing american football give him a break. He's been awesome all year. Akers does need to go though, his long yardage percentage isn't what he used to be. Let me get this straight? You want to replace Tra Thomas (not Jon Runyan, I might add who has been terrible) w/ Todd Herremanns. Really? Todd Herremanns is awful and needs to go, replace him and Runyan with draft picks. Dawkins is still good, he's 2nd in the team in tackles I believe, but he will be retiring soon...and if you knew anything about the team you would realize we already have him priming our next stud safety in Quintin Demps who is a straight ballhawk. Lito has 2 INTs, how has he been playing soft? He's never on the field. Where else are you gonna get a pro bowl nickel cornerback? Seriously, this team all comes down to one thing...we need a new coach, not a whole new team. We have so much talent but a stubborn idiot as a coach who won't deviate from his terrible offensive philosphy that everyone in the league has learned to defend.