Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Only in Dreams - Fitzgerald and Boldin

Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. The mere mention of their names makes this Eagles fan drool! As an Eagles fan we have been taught by Reid that anyone can be plugged into the WR position and be successful. Well I guess the Cardinals have a different definition of success. And it's no surprise that Reid is wrong again!

And whatever Warner was stocking on those grocery shelves, please give some to McNabb and Kolb! To say that the Cardinals passing game is explosive would actually do it an injustice. The passing attack is ranked #2 in the league and carries 3 receivers (Fitzgerald, Boldin and Steve Breaston) ranked among the top 15 in the league.

So can the Eagles D contain the Cardinals passing attack? Well one would think that the Cardinals present a perfect match-up for the Eagles to showcase their star-studded CBs. Remember going into the season the praise that was being piled on Samuel, Sheppard, and Brown? How the trio was the best in the NFL and could rival the all-time-great secondaries of the Eagles?

Has the trio lived up to expectations? Hard to say. Samuel has been good, but not as great as his contract would expect him to be. Brown has been his usual consistent self, but has failed to provide any wow this season. And Sheppard, well I would say that the gaffes out number the highlights this season. Good luck getting that big trade and contract this off-season Lito!

So can they shut down Boldin and Fitzgerald? Containing the pair would probably be a more realistic goal. Will that even be enough to allow the Eagles to win Thursday night?

The Eagles offense has managed 1 TD in the past 2 games. Two TD passes by Warner could realistically doom the Eagles and officially slam the door shut on the 2008 Eagles season.

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