Saturday, November 22, 2008

Play Action...Touchdown!

Somebody is about a week too late in finding out the obvious. Reid has finally admitted that not involving Buckhalter more last week was a mistake. That's OK. What's one more coaching mistake in a season defined by coaching mistakes?

So instead of establishing a run game against the pathetic run D of the Bengals, Reid is going to supposedly crank up the run game against the NFL's 3rd ranked run D. In the world of Andy it makes perfect sense. Idiot.

Lets' just say I will believe it when I see it. Reid has lost all credibility when it comes to the running game. Even if the run game isn't successful, I hope Reid stays with the running attack. Running will keep the Ravens' D honest and open up the play action or even the trick plays.

Call me silly, but I still believe in this team. I see a few big plays down the field this week against the Ravens. One on a play action to DeSean, the other on a trick, half-back run, flip back to the QB, Donovan hits Curtis deep down the field.

Don't overlook the fact that the Ravens have only one win this year against a team with a winning record. The Eagles (because of the tie) carry a winning record into this game. Eagles 17 Ravens 10

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