Friday, November 21, 2008

The Players or The Playcaller

Is it the players or is it the plays being called that are causing the downfall of the Eagles? When looking at the Bengals game, the answer is difficult to determine.

Reid has been heavily criticized this week for calling 60 passing attempts against the Bengals. Yes the number is outrageous, but would people be complaining if McNabb didn't throw 3 interceptions or wasn't so inaccurate? Couldn't some of those passes resulted in points if McNabb was able to accurately hit the receivers or if the receivers were able to catch a McNabb pass?

Would Reid have been able to call more run plays if his OL was able to run block or if B-West wasn't battling an ankle injury? Was the game plan to pass, pass, pass the result of the short comings of the run game against the Giants? You can't put trust into something that doesn't work.

Either way it doesn't excuse the Eagles for their poor performance against the Bengals. But before we go firing the coach or releasing the QB, we need to first figure out who really is to blame here.

Is it the system or is it the players executing the plays? Funny, either way Reid is to blame. We just don't know if GM Reid or Coach Reid is at fault. 6 more games to figure this out. Hopefully Lurie is paying attention!

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