Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Pressure Packed Game

The last time that Philadelphia was in the national, prime-time spotlight it was the Phillies in Game 5.5. The last time the Linc was full of screaming fans was for the Phillies parade. The last time Philadelphia was fully behind a team, over the top excited was for the Phillies.

The NY Giants sit perched atop the NFC East with a 7-1 record. The Giants carry a 2-0 division record into the Sunday night's match-up. The Giants are the best road team in football over the past 1 1/2 seasons. Can't forget they are also the defending Super Bowl champs! Even if the Giants were to lose to the Eagles they would still be in first place, still hold the best record in the NFC.

Looks like some major pressure is on our Eagles going into Sunday's game against the Giants!

Regardless of what McNabb says, the Eagles cannot be losing when the clock hits zero on Sunday night. There is way too much riding on this game for the Eagles.

The Eagles need the W to win back the support and interest of the Philly fan base. Despite a 3 game winning streak fans aren't yet convinced that this Eagles team is legit. They are too inconsistent from game to game, quarter to quarter. And outside of beating the Steelers, are there any quality wins?

A loss to the Giants and it will be right back to talking about the Phillies. Football season will just become "hot-stove" baseball season. Sports headlines and chatter will focus on baseball trades and signings (Matt Holliday anyone?) that can make the Phillies repeat champs. There will be an ongoing countdown to when pitchers and catchers first report.

And if you think that the Eagles buzz in the city is still full-throttle, than look at Sunday's game as a must win just to keep hopes of a playoff berth alive. A win and the Eagles are able to pretty much control their own destiny in the playoff and even division battles. A loss puts the Eagles 0-3 in the division and having to fight it out with 5-6 other NFC teams the remainder of the year just to secure a road playoff game.

So Sunday night, all the pressure falls squarely on the Eagles. Do I think they can handle it...I do. I see a team that will come out clicking in all 3 facets of the game. I see an Eagles victory by 10+ points. Go ahead, call me a homer!

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