Monday, November 24, 2008

The Race for a Top-10 Draft Pick

The Eagles aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, but in reality we know they are. Outside of the Andy Reid coaching circus, what else is an Eagles fan to watch for? How about the race for a top-10 draft draft pick?

In most drafts a top-10 pick can contribute immediately to a team. A middle of the round pick gets a little more tricky, their impact uncertain.

If the season ended now, based on record, the Eagles would have the 12th pick in the draft. There are 4 teams (Chargers, Jaguars, Texans, and Browns) that each carry a 4-7 record and hold picks 8 through 11. The Eagles are awfully close!

So that Monday night game against the Browns is shaping up to have huge implications. Even if they are for all the wrong reasons.

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colonel said...

But you know, Andy will just trade the pick away for a lower round pick, who he will let sit on the bench for a year or two. That's the way he works, and that's why we are in the situation we are in now!