Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rallying Cry

Calling all Eagle Fans. Give the team one more game. Put your hate for Reid, put your disgust with McNabb aside for one more game. Don't give up just yet.

Look at it this reality the Eagles have a better chance of winning this Sunday then Reid being fired after the season. We might as well put our passion towards something that can actually happen.

I understand that playoff wishes are probably far fetched reality at this point, but why give up when the Eagles are only 1/2 game out of the last spot and still control their own destiny. What happens if the Eagles go down to Baltimore and whip up on the Ravens Sunday? Don't lie, there will be excitement again for the Eagles. One win at a time.

Despite our hatred with the team right now we are all still going to watch on Sunday. We love the Eagles. They are an addictive habit. We need them on Fall Sundays. They need us fans on Sundays.

Just one more game. The performance of the Eagles to date doesn't warrant such faith, but Game 11 is just too early to pack it in. It's football, anything can happen.

But if they lose, then I agree, time to blow this thing up. No one is safe in the rebuilding process. Another year without the playoffs is unacceptable to this fan base. Just no rebuilding before November 23.


Mr 215 said...

Hey ur right...Eagles forever!!! We're not giving up, but just frustrated.

colonel said...

Well, unless the Eagles loose the rest of their games this season, and unfortunately, the way they played against the Bengals, opens that to a real possibility, Andy Reid will not be fired at the end of this season. He may voluntarily resign. In fact, one local sportscaster, Vi Sicahema has suggested that he do just that. But, that's walking away from a lot of money and Andy is too stubborn for that. What probably will happen is that Reid will stay and McNabb will go and be the scapegoat. Nothing will change, though, because it's not Donovan or even the skills of the other players, but the Andy Reid "system" that is the problem. For the past 4 years Andy has been saying he just needs a tweak here and a tweak there, and things will be better, and in fact, they are getting worse.

That said, we may hang in there and watch the Eagles win another game or two, and even, if a miracle somehow occurs, make it into the playoffs, although I think that is the long shot of all long shots. The ultimate goal, however, of a Super Bowl win, will not be ours under this regime.

So, whether we pack it in now or pack it in during the cold of December or January, Eagle fans, I'm afraid we are going to be packing it in and waiting until next whenever.