Monday, November 10, 2008

Run Buckhalter More?

The running woes of the Eagles have been well documented this season. And the short yardage woes have been VERY well documented this season.

As it stands now the Eagles are ranked 22nd in the league in rushing yards per game. They are averaging slightly over 98 yards a game on the ground. When it is 3rd and short or 4th and short their ranking dips even lower.

The obvious answer is that the Eagles need a big back, like a Brandon Jacobs. Unfortunately for the 2008 season the Eagles aren't getting a big back. They, we, are stuck with what we got. And what we have is Westbrook and Buckhalter. Why even mention Booker?!?

When discussing Westbrook the first question should be what's up with him lately? Is he still bothered by injury? Is he worn down from excessive use last year? Or he is the Eagles only offensive weapon and because of that all defensive game plans are designed to take him out of the game. Probably a little bit of each.

Is the answer to making B-West more effective more of Buckhalter? Does a different back, a different look, shake up the opposing D? And doesn't Buckhalters' on the field performance warrant more touches. Last night he was actually able to move the ball on the Giants D. Sadly he was only given 2 touches. Buck is a weapon running and receiving and he needs to be involved more in this offense.

Or are the Eagles screwed because their offensive line is built more to pass protect than to run block? Would even Brandon Jacobs be wasted with this offensive line?

Maybe the answer is more #5 running the ball. The Eagles need to find improvement some where. Teams unable to run the ball aren't playoff caliber and can't compete in the run heavy NFC East. We have 7 games left for Reid this fix this mess.

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