Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Run Donovan!

I have little doubt that history will continue to repeat itself on Thursday and the Eagles run game will be non-existent. Westbrook is hurt, Buckhalter is out, and does anyone trust Klecko or Booker running the ball? So I guess it will again be pass, pass, and pass against the Cardinals?

Well it doesn't have to be. The play might be called in as a pass play, but if the play breaks down and the receivers continue to fail in getting separation, well McNabb should RUN! The threat of McNabb running is what used to separate him from other QBs and make him a top QB. The threat of a run is all but gone and McNabb's ranking as a top QB is following the same path.

These are all must win games. 5-0 is needed for any shot at the playoffs. Donovan wants to be the man again, but is in a slump. What better way to break out of a slump, keep the chains moving, put points on the board, and defy the coach then the QB running?

With an injured B-West, Donovan is the Eagles most explosive offensive weapon, so why not use all his tools?

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