Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Sixers Model Is the Eagles Answer

I see McNabb, Reid, and the Eagles and I instantly think Allen Iverson, Billy King, and the Sixers. This could be a confusing analogy, but here's my logic...

A.I. took to the Sixers to the finals. The Sixers were one of the hottest tickets in the city. Following the Finals appearance, the performance of the Sixers and AI began to decline. The team managed to remain a playoff caliber team, just no longer a championship contender. They would bring in a marque FA (Chris Webber, Glen Robinson) hoping to appease the fan base and bring one last title run. It always failed.

Finally the Sixers realized the error of their ways. The franchise was doomed until changes were made. The star, Iverson, was traded. The GM, King, was fired. The initial result was a lot empty seats down at the Wachovia Center and a season and a half of mediocrity. But the bad times didn't last long.

The Sixers came together at the mid-point of last season and made a playoff appearance with their young nucleus. Fast forward to the 2008 season, the team remains headed in the right direction and title hopes are more a reality than a dream.

Kinda sounds like our Eagles.

Since the Eagles Super Bowl appearance the franchise has struggled to stay above .500 (currently 1 game over) and to just qualify for the playoffs (1 appearance). Free agents have been brought in (Howard, Curtis, Samuel) but the end result is the same. The team is mediocre at best and a Super Bowl title is a distant dream.

The solution? Follow the Sixers model. Trade McNabb (the star) and remove the GM position from Reid (Lurie won't all out fire Reid). It's time to rebuild. There is still some veteran talent on the roseter (B-West equals Andre Miller) and a nice young nucleus (front 7 on D, Desean) on which to build upon. Fans would be willing to rebuild for a year or two if the trade off is another strong 4-5 year championship run. Hell, we are starting to become accustomed to missing the playoffs now anyway.

Just my idea. The blueprint is already there to follow. The Eagles just need to take the first step and admit the error of their current ways.

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