Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Spread Offense

I'm glad to see our fans optimistic about Brent Celek's performance on Sunday. But before we go anointing Celek as the next Gonzo, lets roll the game tape. Was it really Celek or was it the Reid game plan?

Notice the the way the offense was spread out against Seattle? Reid and his boys spread the offense so much on Sunday, I began to think we were Drew Brees and the Saints.

You would get no argument from me if we saw this type of creativity and game planning each week. Check the stat sheet...the Eagles had 10 players with receptions in Sunday's win, out performing the high powered receiving cores of Arizona and Green Bay.

Herreman's touchdown pass was the first "outside-of-the-box" playmaker/play, I've seen in years. It was obvious that Seattle was over-crowding the box as much as possible, so Donovan went to work with his WRs! The receivers used the open space and dominated the outside.

Many people don't realize that Reid is normally extremely strict on the spread offenses, limiting our optimism of involving our underrated playmakers. It might be a lot to ask of Reid to put together back to back effective game plans, but this fan is optimistic that Reid has some new tricks for the Giants' D this weekend. Time to use our depth...Celek, Brown, Jackson, and the now healthy Curtis.

Bleed Green!!!! See ya Sunday!!!

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