Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

It was one hell of a run. A big thank you to Reid and McNabb for turning this Eagles franchise around.

We will always have the memories. Myself, I actually got the chance to attend 3 NFC Championship games, including the Super Bowl appearance clincher. But now we must say goodbye. The ride is over. We are moving backwards. The Eagles are no longer an elite team.

What is the point of hoping for the playoffs? The Eagles aren't on the level of the Giants or the Panthers. It would just be one and done. Enough teasing us, it's time to blow this thing up.

Changes need to be made. "We gotta keep firing." Right on, Reid. Now which one of you gets fired? Is it Reid or is it McNabb? Or is it both? Mr. Pedal to the Metal it's your call. The Eagles franchise has become a joke and hated in the city. Yes, Mr. Lurie it was you (not Biden) that we were booing last weekend.

The Phillies are the Gold Standard in this city. Despite it being football season, the Phillies remain the focus of the Philly sports fan. Hell, the Phillies were even able to announce a raise in ticket prices with zero backlash. What happens if the Sixers or Flyers follow the Phillies lead...are we back to the days of the Kotite Eagles?

The one positive from today, at least this wasn't a home game. Can you imagine the boos echoing throughout the Linc? And give the Eagles credit for making the Cardinals game a black-out game (fans encouraged to wear black). A perfect funeral setting for the Reid / McNabb era.

Thanks for the memories.


colonel said...

I hate to make the comparison, but if Jeff Laurie were Jerry Jones, Reid would be gone.

But, actually, it's not just Jerry Jones, that's life. Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb have done some good things for the team, but unfortunately the operative words here are "have done".

Imagine if you were a salesman and your last big sale was 4 years ago, or a project manager and your last successful project delivery was 4 years ago. Imagine further that you were also responsible for the design and development of the product that you weren't able to sell or deliver and also responsible for hiring all of the support staff to work on the sales or project delivery.

Well, that's pretty much the situation with Reid and the Eagles. Not only has he been unable to coach the team on the field, but his game plans are bad and his choice of personnel is bad.

In most businesses, the general manager would call you in and....but wait, Reid is the gm. Then the executive vp of football operations would call you in....but wait again, Reid is the executive vp of football operations. Then I guess the president would call you in and....but Joe Banner has all of his season tickets sold, plus a 60,000 person waiting list. Then I guess it is the owner who would call you in and....but Jeff Laurie is a lot richer man today than when he bought the team thanks to Andy and there is still that 60,000 person waiting list.

So, in the end, there is no responsibility except what Andy mouths at his press conferences, and everybody is happy, except of course the Philadelphia Football Fans.

Go Phillies!

Gary Knight said...

The only comparison that provides some hope is John Fox in Carolina. He's 8-2 this year and his team is finally having the kind of success its been threatening to have since 2002. If it weren't for all the obvious coaching gaffes made so far this season, my John Fox story would probably allow me to sleep the whole night through.