Saturday, November 8, 2008

Time For Some Hating

I consider myself one of them, I despise the Cowboys and their fans. As an Eagles fan it's what we are raised to do. As Howard would say, they are nothing but a bunch of cockroaches!

But do we Eagles fans have the same venom, the same hatred toward the Giants? My initial guess would be no, but I would love to be wrong on this one. Our hatred should be stronger for the team right up the Turnpike.

Why hate the Cowboys? They are no longer America's team. America likes winners, and well it's been about 100 years since the Cowboys last won a playoff game. And last I checked the 'Boys were sitting at the bottom of the NFC East this season. Nothing really to envy there.

The Giants well, I wish we had their recent success. They have made the playoffs 3 consecutive seasons, are the reigning Super Bowl champs, and are currently occupying the top spot in the NFC East. The only thing missing for these guys is a stadium to call their own and actually playing in the state that adorns their helmet!

Now I am not proposing that we go lessening our hatred toward the Cowboys, I just think we need to realize who our true competition is. They are the G-Men. And what's better than an 8:15 game on Sunday night to show them our Philly us plenty of time to rally ourselves up (OK liquor ourselves up!).

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