Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too Predictable...True or False!!!

Well I've been trying to figure out how to evaluate the Eagles/Cincy debacle, and I came to one (out of many) conclusion. Our offense is way too predictable.

I have been an Eagles fan since I was born and never have I been able to predict our plays as much as the Eagles/Cincy game. It was ridiculous!

People can say it was Donovan's low completion percentage, Westbrook's inability to make the Big play, too much playaction, etc. However, there is no way in any football or sports game, that a fan should be able to predict every single audible, play action pass, etc.

I mean if we the fans know what Reid and the Iggles next move is, then just imagine what the opposing D is thinking! It's just ridiculous! It seems Reid and the offense are beginning to see this as well, thus the abundance of trickery on Sunday. Unfortunately the tricks were no treat, proving to be only tricky to the Eagles.

So is our offense too predictable? Can we produce the "The Big Play" in the coming weeks? Who better to answer the question that a former coach boasting one of the leagues top defenses. I am scared for this offense come Sunday!

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