Friday, November 21, 2008

Underdog Mentality

Maybe the Eagles will do better as the underdogs. It appears that the once mighty and crowded Eagles bandwagon has crashed. Jumping fans and media are everywhere. Maybe without the pressure the Eagles can live up to expectations.

Prior the to season a lot of people had the Ravens game circled as a win. The Ravens were supposed to have an aging defense. The offense was being lead by a rookie QB from Delaware. The team was being run by a rookie coach who never even held a lead coordinator position. Despite being a road game all signs pointed to an easy Eagles victory. 12 weeks later, my how things have changed.

What's the key to betting the Ravens? The obvious answer is to follow the blueprint of the G-Men. I know, easier said then done.

The obvious keys on defense...shut down the run and pressure Flacco into making mistakes. Last week against the Giants the Raven RBs were limited to 64 yards and Flacco threw 2 interceptions. It can be done. The Eagles are the NFL leaders in QB sacks (36) and are also in the top 3rd in stopping the run.

The Eagles offense, well they need balance and to limit turnovers. Please Andy, run the ball. If B-West isn't healthy run Buck, make B-West the sub. The Eagles cannot go into this game with another unbalanced attack that relies to heavily on the pass.

The Ravens pass defense enters the game tied for second in the NFL in interceptions with 15 and ranked third in yards allowed.

In the Eagles' 5 victories, McNabb has thrown 8 TDs and 3 interceptions and been sacked 6 times. In the Eagles' 4 losses and 1 tie, McNabb has thrown 6 touchdowns and 5 interceptions and been sacked 9 times.

And with the Eagles you also have to wonder how successful the Eagles offense can be if the lowly Bengal defenders knew what plays were coming from the Eagles. Just think what could happen with a top ranked D and a coach who use to coach for the Eagles. Yikes!

Can the Eagles win, sure they can. Is it too late to revive the Eagles buzz, not yet. One game at a time. One win at a time. The Eagles need to win. Desperation can lead to pretty amazing things.


colonel said...

Unfortunately, if Andy puts together another pass, pass, pass game plan against the Ravens Pass Defense, not only will the Eagles be going in as Underdogs, they will be coming out as the Underdog. The Eagles MUST run the ball more against the Ravens and be more physical, otherwise it is going to be an ugly, sad game for the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

How can you run the ball when OL gets whipped? RB gets his in the back field.