Friday, November 28, 2008

Welcome to the Eagles Bizzaro World

The sign read Lincoln Financial Field. But these weren't my Eagles. The team was wearing black, Joselio Hanson was being announced as a starter, and a real FB was on the active roster. Happy Thanksgiving, welcome to the Bizarro World...a.k.a. the world of Eagle opposites.

The Eagles aren't a running team. The Eagles don't call running plays or a balanced offensive attack. On this night it was a 50 / 50 split in the play calling. 4 players each notched over 20 yards, with Westbrook leading the way with 110 rushing yards. And if that wasn't enough the Eagles actually converted two 3rd and 1 on the ground, buy a local guy named Kyle Eckel.

The Eagles offense starts painfully slow. In bizzaro world the Eagles posted 10 first downs in the 1st quarter and scored 14 points. Donovan was accurate, the run game was the go to option in the play calling, and red zone offense was flawless.

The Eagles can't intercept the ball. In the last 4 games the Eagles had 1 total interception and that was with a healthy Samuel. In the 1st quarter alone the Eagles picked MVP Warner 2 times. Dawkins would later add another (tying the franchise record for career interceptions). Of course our new starter Hanson had one of the picks.

B-West continues to battle injury and the 2007 B-West we loved is shelved until 2009. What was in B-West's turkey? The old, game changer Westbrook was back. 4 Tds and 130 yards from scrimmage. The shakes, the breaking of tackles, and the speed were all there.

And in this bizzaro world the oddities continued all night. 3rd downs were converted with ease, McNabb was accurate, Booker played and was effective, the D held onto a lead, Akers nailed two FGs of at least 40 yards, Reid and DeSean chest bumped, and Kolb only appeared in mop-up duty.

A Thursday night game allowed Reid to showcase his ability to be the best Monday through Saturday coach in the business. Playoff hopes are slim, but still alive. One game at a time...4 games left in this bizarre season.


Anonymous said...

I savored every moment of it.

I only worry because they did this last year (rebounded from a bad stretch of games) when they almost beat the Pats. They still had a shot at the playoffs and someone on the team said, "I wouldn't want to play us now," and then lost to Seattle and the Giants and the season was over.

Could this be a late-season playoff push like ones of previous NFC Championship game years?

colonel said...

One game at a time!

In this bizzaro Eagles world, Turkey is supposed to put you to certainly did that to the Cardinals, but it really seems to have awakened the Eagles. Turkey before every game!

One game at a time, though!

Anonymous said...

A perfect way to end the holiday. The Eagles love to tease us fans, so let's hold the excitement until after the Giants game.

It is nice to still have meaningful football as we enter December!

Anonymous said...

Cardinals were coming off a physical game against Giants. They did look tired and flat. That is why Eagles were able to run the ball on them. Offense was out of sync after Gaints twisted them in a pretzel. Boldin doesnt start dropping balls out of sudden..
Unfortunately we are going to see old Eagles in New York. Props to #5 for giving fans a good TG present and started his memorable ride to the sunset..