Friday, November 28, 2008

Westbrook Is The Leader

Our leader has returned and I am not talking about last week's benched QB. Last night's performance by Brian Westbrook again shows who the true leader of this Eagles franchise now is. As Westbrook goes, so goes the Eagles offense.

The rebound performance by McNabb was nice, the highlight plays by DeSean even nicer. But in the end if the Eagles offense is to be effective and dominant they need Brian Westbrook to be his play making self. Injuries have limited Westbrook's effectiveness all season. As he battled through injury the Eagles offense has struggled mightily.

An offense and running attack lead by Westbrook makes all of his offensive teammates better. Westbrook is a true offensive threat. In a down season he is still ranked #2 in the NFL in scoring TDs. His whereabouts must always be known by the defensive.

With an effective B-West leading the run game passing downs become more manageable and effective. Throwing lanes are opened up for McNabb. McNabb is able to look for the short pass and establish a rhythm, build his confidence. The "home-run" play isn't always needed from the passing game. The play action becomes a weapon. The coverage on the WRs is laxed as an extra man is needed in the box. A broken tackle, a juke, a burst and red zone worries are gone.

Can Westbrook continue to fight off injuries for 4 more games? Any thoughts of a 4-0 record to close out the season need that answer to be yes!


colonel said...

Yep. McNabb may be getting the big bucks and all of the attention, but it is really Westbrooke who is powering the Eagles Offense.

As has been demonstrated over and over during the past few games, without B-West the Eagles can't compete.

Anonymous said...

It is all good for Holiday game. Now how are they going to beat Giants? Giants front 4 aint worn down Cardinals who had to travel across the county in 3 days. Eli doesnt rely on heavy passing game. Eagle D still doesnt have personnel to stop Jacobs and Ward.