Monday, November 17, 2008

Where Is Reggie?

I think the nickname "Reggie the Clown" would actually be a compliment at this point. Clowns are at least funny, Reggie's play is absolutely pathetic as of late. Reggie Brown was never a stud WR, but he was never this bad.

Coming into the season I was hoping for another year of slow and steady, continued improvement from Brown. In each of the previous seasons his reception totals increased from the prior year. His involvement in the offense made him an ideal #2 or #3 WR. Nothing great, but a nice piece to a WR group.

This year the Eagles are getting NOTHING from Brown. I understand injuries hindered his start to the season, but what's the excuse for his recent dismal performances? In his last 3 games he has 3 total receptions for 22 yards, including yesterday's 1 catch, 0 yard performance.

Brown, like everything else Eagles, is moving backwards. Can he no longer get open? Are the coaches not calling his number? Has Donovan lost all confidence in him? With 13 total catches on the season it's gotta be all three.

It's scary, but I would actually put Greg Lewis ahead of Brown in productivity this season. Yikes! Brown was a 2nd round draft pick. Remind me again why the Eagles were afraid to part with a 2nd rounder for Gonzalez?!?

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