Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where Ya At Lito?

Against the Falcons Sheppard had a big game. He had a key interception in the end zone and then several other key plays in the 2nd half to help preserve the win. Finally a good game, so Lito finally had the chance to run his mouth again. After the game he made sideline comments about not getting enough time on the field. During the proceeding week, Lito was again running his trap, yapping about the need to sign contract extensions to avoid being black balled in the NFL.

Very annoying, but if he is making the plays, I can deal with the comments. Onwards to the Seattle game. First play of the game, Lito thinks big play, bites on the pump by Wallace, Sheppard's man continues with his route...90 yards and 6 points. Later in the first half Lito is out of the game with a groin injury (shocking, another injury!). After the game no comments from Lito.

Come on Lito where is your mouth now? Have you, like everyone else, finally come to the realization that you aren't one of the top 2 corners on the team anymore? It true, just face it. Asante is actually getting underpaid when compared to Sheppard. Brown, coming off his best game in Seattle, is a model of consistency in coverage and tackling.

Here's to a speedy recovery Lito. Hanson is the next to overtake you on the depth chart. On the positive, Sheppard's performance this year has kept Drew quiet!

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