Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Not Use What We Got

To be a true contender the Eagles have to run the ball better. I've said it a number of times over the past few days, the entire media outlet has uttered the same phrase. More importantly the team and the Coaches know improvement is needed.

It wasn't a great shocker to hear B-West come out yesterday and state that he is still not 100 percent, is still fighting the injury bug. Based on recent performance, it's obvious that something was not right with our main man.

Per Westbrook: "I'm still fighting the injury bug, tying to get completely healthy. There's no question I'm not 100 percent."

So as B-West continues his recovery, the coaches try and hopefully involve Buck more in the running game, and the OL learns to run block, is there an immediate answer to improving the run game? More specifically can the Eagles improve their short yardage run game?

Here's an option...how about the Eagles finally activate FB Kyle Eckel. The man was brought in to shore-up the FB position. Go figure he actually has previous FB experience. Maybe his lead blocking can be the difference. Or maybe a hand-off to Eckel to get that 1 yard. He did have pretty decent success with the Pats in short yardage situations.

Eckel may not be the pretty or sexy answer, but why not give him a look. Is there really a downside at this point?

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