Monday, November 10, 2008

Without Confidence

I couldn't of been the only one thinking it.

First half, ten seconds remaining, the Eagles not yet ready to settle for a field goal. How many of us were sitting there thinking that the Eagles were going to blow this opportunity for points? How many of us were thinking that the Eagles were going to do something stupid and the clock would expire with the Eagles getting zero points? Things ended up working out touchdown, but a successful field goal attempt.

How sad that with this team, this QB, this coach that our first instinct is for the worst to happen. We have been screwed so often that we have become conditioned to think that a screw-up is inevitable. Is this the sign of a team that is championship caliber? Do you think that Giant fans think this way of Eli and their offense? I don't.

And tell me that same dreadful feeling didn't overcome you again when the Eagles had the ball in the 4th quarter, down by 5 points. How many of us had confidence in Reid and McNabb to lead a 4th quarter come from behind win? Not me. I knew one of them would screw it up. And of course they did not disappoint.

McNabb threw an interception that was thankfully overturned because of a penalty. A second chance, maybe the Eagles can cash in. Reid and his dreadful play calling made sure that didn't happen. I guess Reid missed the first 3 1/2 quarters of the Eagles being unable to run the ball or managed to forget the short yardage debacle at Chicago. We fans didn't because we were again watching the same stupidity.

No worries. Reid said in his press conference that he needs to again do a better job. We can trust him, right?!?


colonel said...

In his weekly post-game comedy show last night Andy Reid said that he "knows how good this team is." I guess that means then that he also knows that the closest he is going to get to a championship parade was his office window looking out at the Phillies Championship parade 2 weeks ago!

Charlie Manual may have appeared at times to be a bumbling fool (sorry Charlie), but he was smart enough to know that he was not Mr. Baseball, and smart enough to realize when he made a mistake and then would try and fix it.

Andy Reid thinks that he is Mr. Football, knows it all, don't dare question him, and therefore can and will never learn from his mistakes, because in his world, he doesn't make any mistakes.

To everything else that we fear about Andy's play calling and game management, now we can add not understanding when and how to throw that challenge flag. (He's been coaching how long?) I'm not sure who Andy is listening to on that fancy headset, but maybe he should be tuning into Merrle Reese and listening to the game call so that he knows what's going on on the field. Merrel had it right. Merrel had most of the calls right. So did Mike Quick.

Oh well, at least we have the Phillies now. For the Eagles, again it's going to be "wait till next year".

Garretts said...

Again Chris are you complaining that they kicked a field goal? When you post post alone, don't use words like we because frankly Reid and the offense played the last part of the half to perfection. Why don't you post something positive like the clock management to end the first half was working to perfection. For the Eagles to end the half on a positive note was stellar!
You pompous jerk! You need to be run out of town!!!!

colonel said...

Well, I will kind of agree that for the Eagles to end on any kind of a positive note was stellar, if not amazing and unexpected!

Gary Knight said...

I wouldn't say they managed the game or the clock perfectly at the end of the first half. The field goal merely got the three points back that McNabb's turnover induced. Still, it was a better-than-normal drive for them on which to end a half.

Justin in Portland, OR said...

Garrets, I know this will be hard for you to understand, please have your beautiful lady read it to you.

Chris wasn't complaining they got "just 3 points". He was more shocked that the Eagles attempts didn't blow up in their faces, as has been the case many times under Andy Reid's game management.

He's saying he was almost sure the Eagles would squander any chance to get back any points at the end of the first half.

But I do like Garrets idea: Chris, please write a fluff piece about how one positive in a tough loss to an NFC east rival was their ability to manage the clock for two minutes at the end of the first half. Boy, wouldn't everybody LOVE to read that today? I know I would.