Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Play That Saved The Eagles' Season

Of course the play was during the Cowboys game.

Remember when the game was still a game, the score tied 3-3. The Eagles were at the Cowboys' one yard line. It's 2nd down and the play call is a QB sneak. Unsuccessful.

One yard and the Eagles failed...AGAIN!

Such a statement summed up the Eagles 2008 season perfectly. So many time before the Eagles failed to get that one yard, that one foot needed to secure the W. And when the short game fails, panic usually dictats the play calling. The run would be abandoned. The pass or trickery would come out...and they too would fail.

But the Eagles did the unthinkable on 3rd down. They tried the QB sneak again. Holy crap, it worked. Nick Cole gave Donovan the push he needed to break the goal line. The run game worked. The Eagles took the lead, the Eagles' scoreboard then went nuts, and the Eagles were making plans for Minnesota.

In the end, the short yardage game saved the season. We can only hope this lesson will be followed in the playoffs.

Support the Beard, Win Andy Reid Autograph

The "good luck" beard is in full growth...

Hopefully we are all showing our support for the Andy Reid Scruffy Beard by growing some facial hear of our own for this Eagles' playoff run.

To show the support of Bleed Eagles Green, for your support of the beard, we will be giving away a free autographed Andy Reid photo to the reader who comes up with the best name for Andy Reid's new look.

The winner will be announced on Monday morning...after an Eagles' victory?!?

Send submissions here.

2008, The Year of the Phillies...But Wait

The team of the year in Philadelphia? Well, duh...even this green bleeding, Andy Reid beard growing fan knows the answer is the Phillies. A 25 year, 100 season wait is over, we are now the City of Champions.

Now which team is ready to follow the Phillies' lead and give the city another one?!? Despite the miraculous events of last Sunday, the smart money might go on the Flyers. But...

It could be our Eagles. Why not it be the men in green making a Phillies-like run to a title? Prior to the Phillies season, I was your typical doom and gloom Philly fan. No matter what good happened, I just knew something bad / heart breaking was waiting to squash my title dreams.
  • Joe Carter and Mitch Williams
  • The unbeatable Detroit Red Wings
  • The Shaq and Kobe Lakers
  • The Greatest Show on Turf
  • Blaine Bishop and Joe Jurevicius
  • The Panthers with no B-West
  • Smarty Jones and the back stretch
  • Vomit in Jacksonville
  • Scott Young and the false start

And those were only the highlights of my misery. But in 2008 things changed. There is no more Billy Penn curse. In it's place stands World F-ing Champions being celebrated by a few million friends on a Halloween afternoon

Anything is possible was proven true in 2008. Could 2009 be the year for the Iggles? "Why Can't Us" one more time.


A New Addition

By Justin Harlan: I'd like to start by apologizing for my lack of contributions to this fine website. I have been very busy for the past few months creating another fine young eagles fan:

I thought he was born under a bad sign as his first day on the Earth included that awful Ravens game… you know, the game where we saw Bobby Hoying Kevin Kolb remind us why Super 5 can't go anywhere just yet.

Thankfully, with a lot of help from the CFL bound Raiders (led by Michael "You drafted Hunt over me" Bush) and the hugely disappointing Texans (led by Ryan "Better than Booker" Moats), we found our way into the playoff picture.
For the last few weeks, I had been saying that I didn't know if we'd make the playoffs, but if we did I'd bet that we make a nice dent in the overall playoff picture.

Now is the team's chance to prove me right and here are some reasons as to why I believe they will.
  1. Minnesota Vikings: How can this team scare us? They have less post season experience, Tavaris "How do I still have a job?" Jackson at the helm, and likely missing their run stuffing DT. Sure, they are no pushovers, but this should be a "W". Expect 6-8 sacks and a pick or two against the young and mediocre QB.
  2. The New York Football Giants: Despite being the best NFC team earlier this year, how can anyone be convinced that they are dominant anymore? Jacobs is still banged up, as are Ross and Boss. Their defense is still solid at worst and crushing at best, but Tra and Runyan shut down the league's sack master with seeming ease Sunday. This game could go either way, but we match up well with the Giants. The winner of this game does to the Superbowl.
  3. Carolina Panthers/Atlanta Falcons/Arizona Cardinals: This is likely the Panthers, who are running extremely well and having a pair of really solid veteran receivers. The Falcons are too young to get my vote to get here and the Cardinals are the worst playoff team in either conference by far. Carolina is a good team, but they can beat run on and passed on. If the defense continues to play how it has for the passed 5-6 weeks and the offense stays balanced, the Birds should be the team here.

This isn't to say that the road is easy, but the Eagles are as good as ANY of the NFC teams left in the picture. Period.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Grow The Reid Scruff

The economy is sunk. Money is tight for everyone. You wanna support the Eagles in their playoff run, but you lack the funds for a plane ticket out to Minnesota or even to buy some new Eagles gear.

The solution...the Andy Reid Scruff. Support the Eagles and what we hope is a long playoff run by growing the beard.

Come will keep you warm in the winter, gives you a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, and the beard is sure to look better on you than the big guy! No money's free!

And to Reid, I hope the beard continues to bring a balanced offensive attack!

So whose with me?!?

The Peterson Stats

I am probably too confident right now in the Eagles. I expect a win on Sunday.

If the Eagles do lose on Sunday, most will say it will be because of Adrian Peterson. But I have full confidence in the Eagles D shutting Peterson down. In Jim Johnson I trust. The trust is from the fact that the Eagles have shut down Peterson before in a victory, on the road. And I mean SHUT DOWN....

October 28, 2007
- Peterson: 20 carries only 70 yards
- Peterson: 13 times he was stopped for a gain of 2 yards or less

So shutting down Adrian isn't impossible. The Eagles 2008 D is better than the 2007 version. True the Vikings won't have Holcombe and Bollinger QBing the team this time, but I still view Jackson as more liability then threat.

Again, the X factor for me remains not Adrian Peterson, but Andy Reid and his willingness to remain committed to the run game. Now that is truly something to worry about!

Why I Like The Vikings...

Nice and simple. Two reasons that this fan loves matching up against the Vikings in the playoffs.

  1. The Eagles have appeared in 2 Super Bowls. Once in 1981, the other in 2005. These are also the only 2 years that the Eagles have played the Vikings in the playoffs. So as I see it...beat the Vikings, go to the Super Bowl.
  2. January 16, 2005: The Eagles beat the Vikings 27-14 in the divisional round of the playoffs. Following the game we get this classic quote from Fred Ex..."I'm a special player. I've just got to thank my hands for being so great."
So after Sunday feel free to book your tickets to Tampa and expect a scrub WR (say Reggie Brown) to be praising his greatness.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Keep The Lexus, I'll take the Eagles

Screw you stupid Lexus commercial...Sunday night was the best gift ever!

I bashed them. We all bashed them. But today I get to gloat. Today I am so freaking proud to be an Eagles' fan...kinda like a DeSean and Andy chest bump or Lurie high-five to the face of my wife.

This feeling has been missing since T.O. and his drive way sit-ups.

It's been a rollercoaster ride with this team. Teams are now firing coaches, losing teams are attacking fellow players and coaches over miscues...but Philadelphia is preparing for the 2009 NFL Playoffs!

In the end, the team, the coach, the QB all delivered a playoff appearance. And to this fan that is all that really matters at this point. The ultimate goal is still a championship, but when your expectation 48 hrs ago was a January without football, the #6 seed seems pretty freaking sweet.

I can't promise you that I won't be bashing the fat guy next week (who now also sports some old man scruff) if he abandons the balanced offensive attack against the Vikings. But maybe this Philly fan is finally reaping the benefits of the Phillies' championship.

We got our long awaited we can sit back and enjoy some good play, even if it might not be championship play. Enjoy the ride, I will be!

Let's Criticize McNabb More

I must be kidding, right?!?

Following yesterday's game, McNabb had the following to say...

"They've thrown me out, ran over me, spit on me, but you know what, I continue to prevail. I kept my chin high, staying positive and making sure that the guys in this locker room understand that if given the opportunity we would take full advantage of it; that last week just wasn't us, and if anything worked in our favor with all these scenarios, I would not let them down."

So it seems that all the McNabb-bashing is fueling the rise of McNabb and the team. My response...hey, whatever gets us 4 more victories.

And as I am coming to learn (probably too late) is that to fully enjoy McNabb you gotta just watch the play on the field. Once the microphones are up, it's better to just hit the mute button or flip the page or channel. You get a QB that is still at the top and you avoid the whoa-is-me victim babble.

Please continue to take advantage of this opportunity Donovan.

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Sounds like it's time for a vacation!

Good Andy or Bad Andy?

If you take a quick look at the Vikings' defensive stats you will see that they are ranked number 1 against the run. The Vikings allow only 76 yards a game on the ground.

So as we await next Sunday's game, one of the big questions this week will be if Andy Reid abandons the balanced offensive attack in favor of his pass happy attack. I hope not.

The Eagles won 4 of their last 5 games because they used balance. They lost the Redskins' game because the balance was missing.

To help sway Andy towards balance, he can't forget that the Vikings might again be without Pro Bowl defensive tackle Pat Williams on Sunday. No Pat Williams, means more opportunities to double team Kevin Williams.

And just look to the Giants' game yesterday to see how vulnerable the Vikings might now be against the run. Without Brandon Jacobs, the G-Men still rushed for 135 yards against Minnesota.

Unbelievable, But True

A few interesting notes from yesterday's masterpiece....

  • The Eagles had ZERO penalties against the Cowboys.
  • Despite all the recent Reid and McNabb bashing, we can't overlook the fact that over the past 9 seasons the Eagles have missed the playoffs only TWICE and have finished a season under .500 only ONCE.
  • The second quarter was the quarter the game ended yesterday. You know why...the Eagles converted 7 of 8 third down opportunities in the 2nd quarter.
  • The Eagles D was so good yesterday that Romo collapsed in the shower.
  • L.J. Smith was missing, yet the offense was a unit of perfection. Coincidence?

McNabb & Romo. End of Discussion.

Last night I just kept hitting the replay button on the game highlights...I am still in shock. Yesterday's game goes right up top with some of my greatest Eagles' memories.

Yesterday's game should also end all discussions about Tony Romo being a top QB. Romo is going to get bashed this off-season...and it will be well deserved. The most important job of a QB is to win. What makes you a great QB is your ability to win the big games.

At this point in their respective careers, Romo is probably going to out-stat McNabb. Gaudy numbers look great on the back of the football card, they may even get you a trip to Hawaii. But in the end, who cares if your team crumbles.

McNabb has taken heat all season for failing to deliver in the clutch. At times the criticism was deserved. But when talking about McNabb you have to look at his entire career. It is a career filled with winning, clutch performances, and oh yea some really nice stats too.

Yesterday McNabb looked like the old Big Game McNabb. #5 was showing Romo how it's done. And it's done by delivering big performances in December and January. McNabb is playoff bound. No surprise that Romo is not.

Eagles Good Fortune Could Be Your Good Fortune

It wasn't a did happen. The Eagles are in the playoffs. Come next Sunday there will be Eagles' football to watch. Un-freaking-believable!

It is now a whole new season. Sure there are going to be favorites (Giants, Panthers, Titans, and Steelers) as the playoffs open up. But if the events of yesterday have shown us anything, well it's that anything can happen in the NFL.

The Oakland Raiders can travel to Tampa Bay and score 17 points in the fourth quarter. The Houston Texans can overcome a 10 point deficit against a Bears team fighting for their playoff lives. The all-mighty NY Giants can enter the playoffs winning only one of their final four games. The Charges can win a division with a record of eight wins and eight loses.

And most importantly, the Eagles can play the type of football that fans and experts knew they were capable of when predicting Playoffs and Super Bowl at the start of the season. Now the question becomes can the Eagles carry this momentum into the playoffs? Can the Eagles remain hot for four more games or will their inconsistent play return? I am definitely hoping for the later of the two!

I say with B-West, McNabb, Cole, and Dawkins leading the way the sky is the limit for this Eagles bunch. My only concern would Reid again moving away from a balanced offensive attack. But if the eagles do fail, well, any games now are bonus games.

Sure my optimism with the Eagles might have some bias but I am not alone in loving boys from Philadelphia.

Despite playing on the road and against the division-winning Vikings, Vegas has the Eagles opening up as 3 point favorites. After yesterday's thrashing of America's team this number actually seems kind of low.

The good news for us regular Joes…Sunday's match-up might be an easy way to make some money to pay off those Christmas bills. I am thinking Sunday would be a great time for some sports betting? Games on Saturday and Sunday…what better way to spend the weekend!

The Vikings can run the ball, but the Eagles defense plays the run extremely well. The Vikings still have shaky QB play and the Eagles different blitz packages can be maddening to an inexperienced QB. The Vikings defense plays the run well, but Reid is a pass happy coach. All signs continue to point to the Eagles easily covering the line. Again, it looks like a great time for some football betting. Put your money where your heart is.

It’s time for playoff football. It’s time for Eagles’ football. It’s time for us to ride the Eagles good fortune and make some good fortune for ourselves. Check out and enjoy the ride!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What a Sunday!!!

I gotta be dreaming or maybe it was all the holiday drinking?!? It's 60+ degrees at the end of December. The Oakland Raiders beat the Buccaneers. The Eagles manhandled the Cowboys. The Eagles are in the playoffs.

What just happened?!?

I'll admit it, I gave up hope. This die hard had the Eagles dead. I was already thinking of ways to avoid watching the games next weekend.

I couldn't be happier to be wrong! Holy shit...the Eagles are going to the playoffs after dominating and embarrassing the Cowboys.

Donovan, Buck, Akers, Dawk, Clemons, Brown all were stars today. The Eagles showed us that teams win the clutch games, not a collection of overpaid-paid me-first babies.

It was the most perfect of games...Reid engaging the fans to cheer louder, J-Roll with Momma McNabb in the stands, Lurie high fiving his wife in the face, Romo and T.O. and JJ so very sad, and now one hell of a Monday morning awaits!

Yea I gave up hope, but that didn't stop me from watching little X's and O's move across the computer screen (yea I gotta get Direct TV) as I monitored the Bucs, Bears, and Vikings game. It also didn't stop me from calling everyone I know as the Raiders made their comeback. It also didn't stop me from taking a shot of Jack with pops as we made plans for next weekend!

Sorry I have no insightful analysis to offer tonight. This fan still can't believe what just happened. The best Christmas gift just arrived a few days late.

The Eagles are in. Anything can happen. The first round match-up looks promising. If THESE Eagles show up...the sky is the limit.

Here's to a few more toasts this year with Dad!

Eagles 2008 - This Sucks

Unless there is a Christmas miracle yet to happen, the Eagles 2008 season will end today. Sickening, maddening, disappointing....

Remember back in the off-season, reading predictions about this team going 12-4? Or how excited we all were last weekend after the Bucs lost?

But instead it will be another season without the playoffs. The season will be remembered for coming up short (a yard short, a foot short) too often in the clutch. This sucks.

The sting of disappointment is so great with this fan that a Cowboys / Eagles game has little excitement for me today. The best part of today's game...L.J. Smith will finally be gone. I can only dream that the same fate holds true for Reid.

And in typical maddening Eagles style, I am fully confident in the Eagles winning today. The Eagles will end up missing the playoffs by the slightest of margins...making the disappointment, the anger of what could have been even greater.

Screw a championship next year, I just want a return to the playoffs. It wasn't too long ago that it was Championship or bust for the Eagles franchise. I hope you are happy Reid, Banner, and Lurie!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Samuel Is A Liar

So I am reading this week's Sports Illustrated and I come across a quote from Asante Samuel regarding his missed interception during last years' Super Bowl. "Nine out of 10 I never miss that play, but one play doesn't make a game."

Well Asante, I think you may have been better served saying 8 out of 10 as I recall another costly missed interception during the Redskins' game last week.

The ball was there, open field was ahead, 6 points was as good as certain.

But I guess $57 million only buys you 4 interceptions a season and not the clutch interception that could have saved another season.

Sure Asante is a stud, a Pro Bowler again. But the man had a chance to step up last week. I might regret saying this, but Lito would have made that big play in the past!

Kolb Embarrassed

Yesterday's Daily News had a segment 5 minutes with Kevin Kolb. In the article Kolb noted that his most forgettable athletic moment was "throwing five interceptions in a double-overtime loss to UTEP his junior year."

Funny, you would think that throwing an interception, that was returned 108 yards for a TD, in your first opportunity to show the NFL that you are a starting-caliber QB would top the list.

Or maybe the fact that in 34 pass attempts this season you have 4 interceptions (2 returned for touchdowns).

Hey Kevin, get used to this type of reception in Philadelphia...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bucs Win, Kolb Is My QB

Come 4:15 on Sunday the Eagles will know if the Bucs, Vikings, and Bears won or lost. If the Eagles don't get the necessary help, there is zero reason for the Eagles to play McNabb on Sunday.

As an Eagles' fan it would be great to see the Cowboys lose and also miss the playoffs. But even Cowboys' misery takes a backseat to seeing if #4 can play / has a future in Philadelphia. Screw the rivalry, screw padding McNabb's stats, and screw taking false momentum into the off-season.

If the Bucs win, it's simple. You still play to win, but you also play Kolb.

Oddly the best scenario for Sunday might be an Eagles loss. We would learn that Kolb isn't ready, a record of 8-7-1 is much more damning to the "bring back Reid in 2009" argument, and the Eagles' draft standing would be improved.

A tough decision awaits the Eagles on Sunday. I have zero confidence in Reid getting it right.

The Meaning Of Christmas - Eagles and Phillies

Take a second look under the Christmas tree.

No doubt if you are a Philadelphia sports fan the number of Phillies' themed presents greatly out number the Eagles' themed presents this year.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

There is one game left in the 2008 season. Then all Eagles' talk will focus on if Reid and McNabb will return for an 11th season with the Eagles. Simple economics should make the answer no for the fat guy and yes for the smiley guy.

The economy is going to hell...and fast. Philly fans have less money to spend supporting their teams. Choices need to be made on which team you will throw your money behind buying tickets and apparel.

Right now all that money is going to the Phillies. And if the Flyers go on to hoist the Lombardi, the Flyers won't be too far behind. The Eagles, well the only thing they are collecting is the disgust of the fan.

Things will only get worse for the Eagles if Reid returns and Kolb is leading the team next year.

Yea the die hards will still bleed the green, but the others, well, who wants to support a team that will fight for 4-5 wins next season. Wouldn't you rather cheer a World Series champ whose core is young and ultra talented?

Eagles' fans have always been quick to characterize Lurie and Banner as obsessed with the dollar. If that is the case, their off-season decisions should be easy.

Fire Reid, bring back McNabb, spend money on the missing pieces, and then hope next holiday season the color of choice is again Eagles' green.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Thanks!!!

The best part of the holidays is that for a day or two we can forget about all that is wrong with the world today. If you read the papers, you might believe that the world is ending in 2009!

The best part of the holidays if you are an Eagles' fan is forgetting about all that went wrong in this 2008 season. A yard there, a yard there, a foot there and well, the Eagles are in the playoffs. But it didn't happen, but plenty of great things did happen for this fan this season.

Thank you to dad for another season of tailgates filled with steaks, burgers, crabs, ribs, beers, and of course our cigars. Thank you dad for another season of showing undying Eagles passion because the most important thing to you is always what makes me the happiest. Thank you to dad for the text messages, phone calls, and blog comments to share that I am not alone in believing Reid is an idiot. (Hopefully there will be no Reid to talk about in 2009!) (Already looking forward to our Phillies' games in 2009)

Thank you to Joann for her support, always giving up the computer, the bleeding logo, and for knowing that this Christmas season a J-Roll jersey was a better gift than an Eagles' jersey.

Thank you to mom and Joan for their support and for spreading the word of And of course thanks to Zoe for her appearances as the blogs' mascot.

So when the Eagles give us a season like 2008, don't forget all the great things that we got this Eagles season.

Merry Christmas from Bleed Eagles Green. Thank you everyone for all your support, reading, and comments this season.

Happy Holidays...No doubt 2009 is our year!

Great Isn't So Great

McNabb on his 2008 season..."I think I've played great."

I would say someone spiked McNabb's egg nog, but the delusions in the franchise began way back in training camp with Mr. Lurie.

So "great" now has the same meaning as "pedal to the metal" in the Eagles' world. It means being satisfied with mediocrity. It means missing the playoffs yet again.

Maybe these 2 boneheads should go consult with Utley and learn what the phrase "World F-ing champions" means.

Thanks Donovan, I am now enjoying my new Rollins jersey, Phillies tickets, and Phillies Champions book a little more now.

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Miracle...Christmas Balls

In comparison Tiny Tim had it easy. And no I am not talking about an Eagles playoff berth this season. That Christmas wish is dead and buried underneath some yellow Christmas snow.

No, I am hoping for Luire and Banner to grow a pair this winter. And if they do, they should then fire the Jolly Fat Guy with the red mustache. Time to say goodbye.

A miracle might be an understatement with this wish. It's finally time to look past Reid's early years. The championship games and Super Bowl were great. All the money Reid made for Lurie probably even better and more important to Mr. Pedal to the Metal.

Instead it's time to focus on the present. The team is on the verge of missing the playoffs for a third time in 4 years. The offensive philosophy is a mess. The fans are disgusted and looking elsewhere for their sports entertainment. It's time to fire Andy Reid.

Replacing him isn't going to be easy. It will be a crap shoot. But I am ready for the change and the chance. Listen to the cries of the fans before you loose them and the city. The Phillies and Flyers are winners. Right now the Eagles aren't.

The Phillies have showed Philly that miracles can happen. Please let us have one more.

(As a stocking stuffer I will gladly take a Cowboys loss this weekend)

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Or maybe the accomplishment is your son winning the local soccer championship or just making it through a soccer season. Again, is also your place for soccer trophies.

So no matter the feat, is your place for celebrating. Great prices, great company, and great products. Heck, they probably deserve their own trophy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Simple, But Hard Question

Question: If Andy Reid is back coaching the Eagles next year, will the Eagles still matter to you? Will you still have that undying Eagles buzz next season?

It's a tough question. If Reid is back, I have little doubt that the mediocrity that defined the 2007 and 2008 seasons will present itself all over again. Fans will all get psyched up for another season. We will then get teased by a small run of success. Heartbreak will then follow.

2009 will be back to the Eagles fighting to secure a playoff spot and to stay above .500. All the bitching about unbalanced play calling, poor game and clock management, and Reid being a cocky jerk will surround the team. We will all end up just as frustrated as we are now.

So it is worth it to give the Eagles, with Andy Reid, our 100% commitment again next season? Or is it better to show floating interest? Instead, giving our Philly passion to the Phillies and the Flyers?

2007 Will Repeat Itself

At this point I don't care. Though deserved, I am sick of the Eagles' bashing. I am sick of Reid and his excuses. I am sick of the players not handling the pressure. I am sick of another season (3 out of the last 4) without a playoff appearance.

But unfortunately the worst has yet to come.

No doubt the Eagles will beat the Cowboys on Sunday. Not because the win will secure a playoff spot because it won't. Not because the Eagles learned from their mistakes. Nope, I know the Eagles will win so the team can feed us the same BS as last year about how the team is headed in the right direction by winning 4 of their final 5 games.

The team will have plenty of confidence to carry into next season. Only a few tweaks are needed to again go "pedal to the metal" in 2009. It will be all too reminiscent of the 2007 season when they finished up by going 3-1.

Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Crappy Things of Eagles' Sunday

Keeping with the Christmas theme, 12 things (I am sure you can think of many others as well) that went wrong for the Eagles yesterday....
  1. Mikell's dropped interception in the endzone that lead to the 'Skins first FG.
  2. Samuel's dropped interception...looked like open field for 6 pts. ahead of him (all that money should buy more than 4 interceptions a season!).
  3. A wasted time-out only 53 seconds into the 2nd half (you just knew we would need that at the end of the game!).
  4. L.J. Smith being L.J. Smith. Dropped passes and the missed block on 3rd and goal that would surely have lead to a TD.
  5. DeSean playing like a rookie WR. His two 4th quarter drops were painful to watch.
  6. Andy and Marty calling only 14 running plays (if you don't count the 2 meaningless runs at the end of the 1st half there were only 12!) despite the cold weather, going up against a good pass secondary, and the Eagles missing 2 of their top WRs. Balance wins Andy!
  7. Andy and Marty calling 12 straight pass plays to start the 4th quarter.
  8. The refs overturning a L.J.'s first down by one foot.
  9. The entire offense playing without a sense of urgency, unable to capitalize on the good fortune of the Cowboys and Bucs losing.
  10. Reid again not involving Buckhalter more in the offens.
  11. The offense struggling to execute an efficient 2 minute drill.
  12. Reggie Brown running a route short of the end zone.
In short, this sucks! Can't watch TV, can't read the paper...thanks jerk!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What Else Did You Expect?

Inches. That was the difference. Not just in this game, but in so many games this season.

Brown stopped at the one. Honestly, I can think of no better play to characterize the 2008 season. So often so close, but close most likely only gets you another season of sitting at home when the playoffs roll around. Who's to blame? Honestly, who cares.

Following the Ravens' game we all thought that the season was over several weeks back. Outside of a few miracles next weekend, the season ends on December 21.

Some may say the recent 3 game win streak was just a tease. You might be right, but this fan, well I enjoyed the extra few games of meaningful football in December.

Oh well. It's now time for my favorite Eagles' saying..."Just wait until next season." In between there are the Flyers and another Phillies' season to look forward too. Or we can just reflect on the past Phillies' season.

Or if you prefer, you can reflect on how much it sucks to be an Eagles' fan sometimes. Oh yea, if it is any consolation, the Eagles do get the Panthers 1st round pick...nevermind!

Pressure Is Now On The Eagles (Thanks Jeff!)

Well the Eagles got the help that they needed. Tampa Bay lost. If the Eagles win out, they are in the playoffs. It's that simple. Thanks Garcia...Philly still loves ya!

Can they do it, can the Eagles handle the pressure? I think so, but my thoughts don't count in the standings.

Some critics claim that the Eagles are on a roll because the pressure was off them, that they had nothing to lose after the Ravens game. Sure winning 5 straight could be done, but not with this 2008 team.

Then the Eagles started winning. But that only brought about more excuses. First it was going up against a Cardinals team traveling to the East Coast. Any team can beat the Cardinals on the East Coast. Then it was catching the Giants following a week of Burress' distractions. Lastly it was going up a Browns team starting Ken Dorsey. No reason why the Eagles shouldn't win all three.

Well at 4:15 the Eagles can take the next step in silencing the critics. Time to show everyone that they can handle the pressure. Time to bring fear to anyone that would match up against them the rest of the 2008 season.

I think they can do it. Now let's see if they can.

Randomness (and the Eagles)

If we were all as lucky as "Hammerin'" Hank Goldberg.

The man has his own weekly spot on ESPN. His one job is to pick NFL games. And he sucks! For the season Hank is 5 games below .500 on his football picks and is coming off a week where he picked only 1 winner! Bad news for the Eagles...Hank picked them to win and cover today!

Eagles' fans aren't this guy so we will be watching the game at 4:15...

Jeff Garcia could really blow any remaining Philadelphia love today.

As the Giants struggle down the stretch, do Eagles' fan still have the same desire to see Spags coaching in Philly next year?!?

One of the best things about the Cowboys losing last night...the chance of next weeks game being flexed to NBC took a major hit. NFL games are meant to be played at 1 or 4, not 8pm on Sunday night. Screw the networks!

Eagles 17 Redskins 6

Saturday, December 20, 2008

McNabb's 12 Days of Christmas

McNabb...a good man, a top QB, one of Philadelphia's finest. Donovan deserves some good fortune this holiday season....
  1. A real BIG middle finger: For the idiots who booed McNabb on draft day and the idiots who are now calling for the end of McNabb era in Philadelphia
  2. A Vasectomy: No more babies, no more worrying, no more bad stretches of play
  3. A Healthy B-West: As Westbrook goes, so goes the success of McNabb now
  4. NFL Rule Book: What other rules doesn't #5 know about
  5. Time Machine: Let's replay the 2001-2003 seasons, but this time with some real WRs; Let's get along with T.O. following the 2004 season
  6. For Reid to grow a pair: You got something to say, say it to Donovan's face
  7. Make each half 28 minutes long: Less time to struggle in the clutch
  8. T.J. Houshmandzadeh next season - The man is an UFA and why would he want to return to the Bengals
  9. A Hammer - He needs something to break that tunnel vision...not everyone in Philly hates you Donovan
  10. Kolb to be Kolb - Please keep chucking them to the other team
  11. DeMarcus Ware to get hurt this weekend - I wont miss, and Donovan won't miss him on December 28
  12. Speech lessons from Chase Utley - No team is hotter right now, could the Eagles make it back-to-back World F-ing Champions
  13. Bonus: A guaranteed return to the Eagles in 2009 - Ok, this one's for me

Friday, December 19, 2008

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Reggie Brown - Funny Guy

Been a rough day? You wanna smash that radio if you hear one more Christmas song. Perfect solution...just listen / read some of the latest comments from Reggie Brown. Laughs are sure to follow. (For us fans, just imagine if there was no DeSean this season; we would still be counting on this Clown to deliver)

Asked why he thinks receivers Hank Baskett and Jason Avant moved ahead of him, Brown said yesterday: "I don't know. That's a question you need to ask Reid, then you can come back down here and tell me, because I don't know. I don't get answers. I'm in the dark right now. I've tried to. I don't get answers."

Hey Reggie, could the answer be that you suck?!? Yep, I think that's it. In the 7 games that you suited up this year, you have a whopping 13 receptions, less than 200 yards receiving, and 1 measly TD!

If the stats aren't doing it for your about the way you play the game. You constantly drop balls, have trouble getting off the line, and show fear making the difficult catch. These are not the attributes we were looking for in our supposed #1 WR. For god sakes man, G. Lewis is ahead of you on the depth chart and blowing your stats away...Greg Lewis!

You claim that when given time this year you did excel. You note being the teams' top WR in the Bears and 'Skins games. News flash Reggie, we lost both of those games. But no shocker, losers are usually happiest when losing.

So stop the whining. We all know why you weren't playing. But with the Baskett injury, you are back on the field this Sunday. How about coming to play? Or better yet, maybe this season we can give you away for good to the Salvation Army!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Andy Reid's 12 Days of Christmas

Even though he has been more naughty than nice this season...tis the season to spoil the Big Guy with some gifts.
  1. Robitussin Cough Syrup - should help with the throat clearing
  2. Black Tights / Spandex - T.O. was promised a spandex show after 15 TDs, why not Westbrook this season?!?
  3. AM/FM Walkman - Merrill Reese and Mike Quick can help with those red flag challenges
  4. Digital Watch - Monday night's first half ending was only the latest example
  5. Mel Kiper Jr's Draft Guide - no where does it say to trade away another first round pick
  6. SI's Phillies Championship Package - this is what a champion looks like
  7. Making Marriage Work For Dummies Book - time to mend that McNabb relationship
  8. Wall Street Journal Suscription - investing $4.5 million in L.J. Smith was not a wise investment
  9. A Fullback - Christmas may have come early with Kyle Eckel
  10. Sean Considine's Blackmail Pictures - now there is no reason not to cut Considine
  11. A Plunger - someone please remove Howard Eskin's lips from Reid's ass
  12. A Vikings Win on Sunday - OK this one is for me!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry X-Mas Andy, From Flavor Flav

Maybe Flav's watch can help Andy with his clock management.

Just when we thought Andy was getting it together, there was the end of the first half on Monday night.

A Really Stupid Commnet

I said it yesterday, but it continues. Donovan stop the whining, stop playing the role of a victim. You play in a high profile city at the most high profile NFL position. Some people are bound to not like you. Your recent comments about your harsh treatment is killing this fan's enjoyment of the Eagles' 3 game winning streak and playoff push.

And I am also tired of reading comments from Eagles' fans about how they hope Donovan goes elsewhere and wins himself a championship or two. That will show us unappreciative Eagles' fans.

So I ask those fans, so if Donovan matched up against the Eagles, would you really be cheering for the other team? You would rather the opponent win a title before our Eagles? Do these same fans feel the same way about other ex-Eagles? T.O. was the greatest Eagles' WR in recent history, so by the same logic, are you cheering for the Cowboys on December 28?

Donovan is great, but Eagles football does not begin or end with #5. Yea I'll miss him (especially if Kolb continues throwing TDs to the other team), but I am and will always will be an Eagles fan first. So if Donovan isn't here next year, well I hope Cole or B-Dawk knocks him out.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Called Being a Fan!

Remember the scene in Invincible when Frank and Vince Papale were sitting on the house steps and Frank gives the following line..."That touchdown [ Van Buren] got me through 30 years at that factory. Got me through all those times your mother being sick"

Such a statement couldn't be more true. In the roughest of times (and boy there are sure a lot of them recently) the Eagles are always there to help us escape from reality for a few hours. Whether the Eagles are winning or losing, for those few hours on gameday everything else goes on the back burner. The games are only made better because they are shared with your family and closest friends.

So I get royally ticked when I have to continue to read about people questioning the loyalty of Eagles' fans. These idiots claim that we are nothing more than a bunch of front running buffoons and how we are always so quick to jump on and off the bandwagon. One week we are drinking the green kool-aid and then the next we are bleeding green hate.

Why should a fan be criticized for sharing an opinion, even if that opinion, at times, is in the form of a boo or criticism?

Teams are going to have their highs and lows. The Eagles 2008 season is the perfect example. See the games versus the Bengals, Ravens, Cardinals, and Giants. It's like your favorite roller coaster at Six Flags.

Throughout the highs and the lows we fans are still there supporting the team. We are a knowledgeable bunch so when the performance sucks we have no problem letting everyone know that it sucked.

It's no different that anything else in life. When you feel wronged you voice your opinion. But in the end it doesn't mean that we love our Eagles any less or aren't a true fan. We are only being a FAN!

The criticism of Reid and the team a few weeks back was warranted. We knew that a change in the offensive philosophy was needed. And it was no shocker that when the change was implemented the victories came. I told you we were a knowledgeable bunch.

So please let us enjoy the Eagles late season push towards the playoffs in peace.

Dawkins and Samuel - Pro Bowlers!

So I am sitting there watching the Pro Bowl Selection show...waiting and waiting...will any Eagles get the call?

And then the NFC defensive reserves are shown....both Brian Dawkins and Asante Samuel are going to Hawaii!

Good for Samuel. But there is nothing better than to have our favorite Eagle going to his 7th Pro Bowl. Congrats B-Dawk...we love everything you bring to the Eagles!!

For the season Dawkins has collected 123 tackles (nine for a loss), four forced fumbles, two sacks, one interception, one fumble recovery and 11 passes defensed. The old man can still play.

Just another notch in Dawkins' HOF resume. How rare are 7 Pro Bowl appearances...the great Reggie White also had 7 appearances.

Get Over it Donovan, Media

McNabb was benched during the Ravens game. It's a thing of the past. Yet we are still talking about the benching!

Get over it Donovan. And will the media stop asking the man about the benching...please!

Was the benching fair or deserved? The truth is it's all a matter of opinion. McNabb's play leading up to the Ravens game and during the Ravens game certainly warranted the benching. McNabb had turned the ball over 7 times in 7 quarters and was starting off games going 0-8, 0-7, and 3-11. The flip side argument is that is was unfair to make McNabb the scapegoat for the teams' mid-season struggles. The man is an elite QB and the face of the franchise. McNabb deserved better.

But in the end who cares. Donovan, quit the bitching. You are a $100 million man and you are the QB of the Philadelphia Eagles. Of course there is going to be criticism.

Do you think that we 9-5ers don't get our asses handed to us every once in a while at work. Do you think that Manning and Favre don't take the same type of criticism up in NY (and they have Super Bowl rings). Stop painting yourself as the victim. We love you in this city. The large majority of us are wearing your jersey and always cheering you when you run out of the tunnel on game days. There are going to be rough times, deal with it.

And will the media start focusing on the present. The Eagles are as hot as any team in the NFL. We are in the mist of a playoff run, the resurrection of our 2008 season. No one wants to hear about the benching anymore. We are over it. We only care about two wins and then some help.

The Future Is Scary

For every DeSean Jackson and Stewart Bradley, there is a Winston Justice, Mike McGlynn, or Kevin Kolb.

Yea it was garbage time, but do we really need to keep seeing Justice on the field. The kid can't play. A miracle is not going to happen with Justice. If we can't find a OT in the draft, how about moving Herremans and Andrews to the tackle positions next season? It could work as long as the fall back plan at Guard isn't McGlynn. Shaun Rogers abused the young man last night!

And if the biggest piece of the Eagles future is Kevin Kolb...yikes! Sure his arm was hit on last night's pick six, but Kolb has now thrown 4 interceptions in just 34 pass attempts this season. Who let A.J. tutor this kid?

Lastly, the more I see of Jason Avant the more I like our new #81. Avant has great hands, works the middle of the field with zero fear, and seems to have great chemistry with McNabb. A very dependable #3 WR that continues to move the chains.

No Eagles to the Pro Bowl?

The Eagles' buzz is back in full force. There are few teams playing hotter ball than our Iggles. If they could just squeak into the playoffs, well, who knows.

So who are we giving credit to for this late season run to success. Do you give it to the players (McNabb, B-West, Cole) or to the coaches?

Both both parties deserve the credit. And as painful as it may be, we gotta give Big Red some credit. Reid has this team in the playoff hunt with probably zero Pro Bowlers on this seasons roster.

The Pro Bowl roster will be announced this afternoon and there is a great chance that the Eagles are going to be shut out. Think about's difficult to think of a player that earns trip to Hawaii.
  • McNabb: Can he steal a spot from Brees, Warner, or Manning?
  • Westbrook: Injuries give him no real shot. Peterson, Turner, D. Williams, Portis, or Jacobs are the true front runners.
  • Cole: The sack numbers aren't there to beat out Abraham, Tuck, or Peppers
  • Bradley: I think he is still a year away. Right now can you see him being picked over Patrick Willis, Jon Beason, Pierce, or Barrett Ruud?
  • Mikell or Dawkins: Mikell might be the Eagles best shot. But can he beat out Jermaine Phillips or Adrian Wilson?
  • Samuel: His paycheck should mean Pro Bowls every year, but the CB position is always stacked. Samuel might get in, but over which of these guys...Woodson, Winfield, Barber, Lucas, or Gamble?
Sure the recognition for the players would be nice, but all this fan is thinking about is the playoffs! Come on Chargers and Vikings!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Even Greg Lewis Got Involved

It is good to be an Eagles fan again! Going into the game and during the game this fans biggest worry was figuring out which upcoming opponent has the best shot to knock off the Falcons or the Buccaneers.

In the end the Eagles took care of business tonight. The W was all that really mattered. As it usually is with Monday Night football, the biggest complaint was the mouth of Tony Kornheiser.

The offense was good, but struggled in the red zone. DeSean Jackson broke the rookie receiving mark, but threw a costly red zone interception. Reid showed flashes of his pass happy self, but didn't abandon the run. And oh yea, our #81 looked better than that lying idiot up in Dallas.

The D was again rock solid. Asante Samuel finally made a play worthy of his hefty paycheck. Trent Cole was always. Dawkins continues to look like there is another year left in his aging body. Again I have 100% confidence in this D to carry the Eagles to 2 more victories (at least) this season.

The greatest news from one was injured. Bring on the NFC East. Bring on that Falcons or Bucs loss. And moving forward I am all for going into the locker room after the first 29 minutes of the first half are played!

Randomness...Philly fans, yea we even boo Donte Stallworth! And with the G. Lewis TD we may never see Reggie Brown again (good!)

EnergyFirst’s ProEnergy Whey Protein Powder

Have you been hitting the gym and the weights hard? Unfortunately you still aren't seeing the results? I've been there. The answer? In addition to the workouts, you have to change your diet. More specifically you should start drinking Protein Shakes.

Once I added whey protien shakes into my diet the results quickly followed. I got a nice quality muscle blend, with decent size. I love the way I look and feel. And even better, the women at the bars like the way I look.

I suggest mixing the whey isolate protein powder with water. This is especially good for people who are mid and over sized. For people with a leaner frame, trying mixing the Protein Whey with milk in a blender. My perfect amount is one scoop each pre and post workout.

So for you all workout nuts (and also you health nuts) protein shakes are the way to go.

Eagles Should Play Kevin Kolb

That's right, Kolb should play tonight.

I can't see how this game isn't a blowout by halftime. The Browns have zero to play for. The Browns' coach is all but gone following the season. Ken Dorsey is the Browns QB (enough said). Offensively the Browns are ranked near the bottom in all the major statistical categories. Their defense is near the bottom in total and rushing yards allowed per game.

The Eagles jump out to an early lead, maybe play the starters a few snaps in the 3rd quarter and then rest McNabb and Westbrook. Zero chances should be taken in jeopardizing the health of these two. To beat the 'Skins and the 'Boys we need a healthy #5 and #36.

Put Kolb in there to get some more reps. Give us a better look to see if this kid can play. He's gotta need a confidence booster after the Ravens' game. The cure....the Browns.

Eagles 31 Browns 13 (I do fear Josh Cribbs in the return game)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can The Eagles Join The AFC West?

Seriously, an 8-8 record could end up winning the AFC West this season. The Eagles could finish 10-5-1 and miss the playoffs, despite finishing second in the powerful NFC East.

If the Eagles win out, are we now more confident in Tampa Bay or Atlanta losing one more? Tampa Bay finishes up against San Diego (thankfully still playing for the West division title) and Oakland. The Falcons finish up against the Vikings and Rams. I don't want to have to depend on the Rams or Raiders winning on the last weekend of the season.

Is it the Browns, the game being on Monday night, or pure lack of Eagles interest that has tickets for tomorrow night's game going for about $40 a piece on EBay? (Early Christmas present anyone?!?) Hopefully it's one of the first two reasons...December football, with playoff implications, and the Eagles...sounds exciting to this fan.

And looks like we can cross the 'Skins off of teams fighting for that last playoff spot. Could the Redskins again be in the market for a new coach this off-season? Who now thinks Zorn is a better coach than Reid?

America's Team? ESPN's Team...

I can't take it. ESPN's coverage of the Cowboys is nauseating. Enough, no one cares. The Cowboys are nothing more than a dysfunctional team ready to explode.

The coverage just isn't warranted. The Cowboys aren't championship caliber. The 'Boys are barely playoff caliber. So please spare America and stop the non-stop coverage.

All off-season we had to hear and watch coverage on how great the Cowboys were going to be. They had a collection of 13 Pro Bowlers and were shoe-ins to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Super Bowl, how about winning a playoff game or even a meaningful regular season game first. Romo is the poster boy for chocking in the clutch.

Then there was the sickening coverage of Romo's pinkie injury. Who freaking cares? The Cowboys are idiots for not having a better back-up plan than Brad Johnson.

Of course the injury then became when would Romo be back to save the season? He returns and they beat the lowly 49ers and Seahawks...big deal. When they played the Giants, right on cue, they Cowboys lost and Romo chocked...again!

And then this week it's non-stop coverage of the bickering egos within the Cowboys' locker room. The QB, WRs, and TE can't seem to get along. Everyone is me-first, I need my stats, screw the good of the team. My mom's elementary class has more mature people than the Cowboy's locker room.

So let's go Giants. Lets end this Cowboys season tonight. Let's make them irrelevant for the remainder of the season. God help us all if the Cowboys make the playoffs. ESPN will of course have them winning it all.

(Yea, I could just change the channel, but what's better than Sports Center, coffee, and a heaping bowl of Fruity O's in the morning!)

Randomness...Maybe Tampa Bay is going to need to lose 2 more for the Eagles to have a shot at the playoffs. The Falcons look good again today. Left on Tampa Bay's schedule after today are the Chargers and Raiders.

McNabb Needs Westbrook

Note to Donovan...make sure B-West is at the top of your Christmas shopping list.

Donovan is a pretty special talent himself, but his performance sure does go up a notch when there is #36 to lean on. McNabb used to be the catalyst for the Eagles offense. You could give the man Charles Johnson, James Thrash, or Todd Pinkston and it wouldn't matter. McNabb in turn would give you wins and Pro Bowl stats.

But with age and injuries things change. McNabb is still a top talent at the QB position, but he is no longer the Eagles offensive stud. That title belongs to Westbrook. As Westbrook goes, so goes the Eagles and also McNabb.

The Eagles are currently winning because the have a run game. This season when B-West has 20+ carries in a game the Eagles are 4-0. In those same 4 games, McNabb has completed 64% of his passes, thrown for 1053 yards (253 per game), has 7 TDs and only 1 interception. No doubt some of his best numbers of the season.

Stats aside the most important thing is wins. Run Westbrook and the wins come. Run Westbrook and McNabb returns to Pro Bowl form. I am confident that this 1-2 punch can lead us to 3 more wins and a playoff berth!

Randomness...A Cowboys loss and a Falcons loss today and the Eagles will be sitting in the final wild card spot before their Monday night kick-off!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The DeSean Jackson Effect

In my opinion I think the Eagles got very lucky in their drafting of DeSean Jackson. They were drafting a PR and ended up with their #1 wide receiver. In the Reid system rookie WRs don't play, so his impact would strictly come on special teams.

Well injuries and Jackson being the best of the WR bunch allowed him to get right on the field. Smart move as Jackson has set numerous franchise rookie receiving records this season. Such luck could be a return favor for the crap WR draft picks of Reggie Brown and Freddie Mitchell. Regardless the Eagles finally have a true WR piece in place for many years to come.

The numbers and immediate impact are nice, but the greatest effect of Jackson will hopefully be seen this off-season. By finally hitting on a high offensive, skill position draft pick I think the Eagles will finally begin using their high draft picks to fill immediate holes and not on developing players.

The Eagles own two 1st round draft picks this season. Yea they might be on the low end side, but this draft class is expected to be very deep. The Eagles cannot trade away first day draft picks. The Eagles can't be afraid to draft play makers in the first round that can play and have an immediate impact next season. A RB to compliment B-West, a starting TE, another WR, or a stud OT.

Hopefully Reid learned a lesson with the Jackson drafting. Play makers can be had in the draft. Now we just have to get Banner to open up his pocketbook and pay two first rounders!

The New Andy Reid...Maybe

Well the big guy is still big, but there are some other signs that Andy is becoming a changed man. Benchings throughout the season have shown that Reid is finally learning that he is not perfect. He is seeing his errors and finally correcting them.

Just look. Winston Justice a 2nd round pick has been benched for pretty much the entire season. When he did get a chance to play last week his efforts resulted in Justin Tuck blocking a field goal. I would be shocked if the man ever plays another down for the Eagles.

Then there was the off-season trade for Lorenzo Booker. The trade seemed like a good idea at the onset as Booker was a human joy-stick throughout training camp. Then came the season and Booker has been inactive more than he has been active. With a healthy Buckhalter returning this weekend I wouldn't be surprised to see Booker again inactive. Westbrook, Buckhalter, and Eckel would be my choices.

Then the biggest sign that Reid is fessing up to his mistakes was last week's benching of Reggie Brown. Think about this...Greg Lewis was active, yet Brown was not.

There is no more hiding the fact that Brown will never live up to the high expectations Reid had for him. Another wasted 2nd round pick. But admitting the mistake this season might open up the possibility of the Eagles actually getting a true #1 WR in the off-season. For now, I just hope that Curtis returns to the field this week to keep Brown on the sideline.

Oh yea, there is also the fact that Reid is running the ball. Big changes for the Big Guy...I like them all!

T.O. Should Be Reggie Brown

Please, enough with the media making every T.O. comment a big headline. The man is an idiot. Was T.O. finally turning on Romo really a big surprise?!?

It's always me-first (love me some me), team second with Owens. A kindergartner is more mature than T.O. His act has become a bad circus act, a cancer to every team he plays for.

My advice, follow the Reggie Clown example. Make Owens irrelevant. Last Sunday's benching showed that the Eagles were finally ready to close the door on Brown. He no longer is a weapon on offense and he isn't the future at the WR position.

Yea I understand the T.O. is too valuable to bench. But something needs to be done. Like Brown, Owens is no longer the focal point of the Cowboys' offense or the future at the WR position. T.O. knows that Witten is the QB's first choice and Roy Williams (stupid trade) was brought in to be the future.

One clown has already found himself on the sidelines, now it's time for the ring leader to take a similar spot.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Shawn Andrews Mystery

Well at least we know the Big Kid is back from California. We also know that his Mohawk is now red. Besides that there really isn't much else that we do know about Shawn Andrews.

Is the back injury getting any better? Does he have a shot at playing again this season? Outside of the Eagles organization, who really knows? Maybe no information is good information.

One would think that because the Eagles haven't placed Andrews on Injured Reserve yet, there has to be a possibility of him returning this season, right? Otherwise why waste a roster spot on a player that has zero shot of returning this season.

If the Eagles do make the playoffs, could January signal the return of our stud, All-Pro guard? I hope so. And if he does return, I hope Reid is still running the ball!

Cheering Against the Eagles?!?

Let's go Browns, Redskins, and Cowboys! Man I hope the Falcons win out. Are you kidding me people?!?

The Eagles winning is a good thing, right? Eagles' fans are supposed to cheer for the Eagles to win, right? It sucks when the Eagles don't win. Your Sunday night and Monday morning become unbearable following a loss.

If you are a fan, all of the above should have some truth to it. Yet it seems that there are a large number of Eagles' fan that are hoping for the Eagles to lose these next 3 games. You call yourself a fan, yet you want the Eagles to lose...WTF?!?

These so-called fans cheer for losses because they want to see the Eagles rebuilt. Time to blow this team up and rebuilding won't happen unless the playoffs are again missed. I respond, what makes you so sure that a new coach and players will guarantee victories? What happens if the rebuilding process just drags on and on, more than 1 or 2 years?

As an Eagles' fan are you ready to have meaningless football season after season (or even 1 season) in hopes that eventually the Eagles can return to playoff contenders (which they are now)?

Reid may have his faults, but what makes everyone so sure that Spags or Cowher is the answer? Who knows how successful Spags will be as a head coach. And if you look at Cowher's coaching record there are plenty of down seasons mixed in with the success (just like Reid).

So why not enjoy this late season Eagles' success. The NFL off-season is long enough already. We don't need to be wishing for the season to end on December 28. Where is the fun in watching the playoffs without having the Eagles to cheer for?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Money Men

Sickening and maddening.

160 million dollar pitching deals. NY point guards being paid 20+ million dollars to stay home. WRs jeopardizing a multi million dollar contract to carry an illegal gun. 4th string CBs bitching about a multi year, multi million dollar deal.

I swear each morning I read about companies folding, lost jobs, foreclosed homes, and people struggling to afford life's bare necessities. No doubt, it's a recession. The economy blows!

Man it sucks to be a regular Joe, a 9-5er. I wanna be an athlete!

The Healthy McNabb

Some love him, while others hate him. Some want him gone, while others can't imagine the Eagles winning without him. It's hard to think of a player that brings out such mixed, extreme emotions as McNabb.

Regardless of your feelings for #5, the 2008 season has allowed McNabb to prove his doubters wrong. McNabb can stay healthy. McNabb has been under center for every game this season. Such good health has been missing since the 2004 season.

And again putting your feelings aside, you have to admit that when McNabb is healthy, the Eagles have a realistic shot each season to be playoff contenders (and more). The 2008 season is only again proving this statement true.

So for those fans that are quick to get rid of McNabb, are you sure you are ready to go through a season without that feeling that "this could be the season?"

I don't care how many other improvements are made to this offense (OL, TE, WR), if you don't have a McNabb-caliber QB leading the offense the offense and the team aren't going anywhere.

Here's to many more seasons of good health for #5 in Eagles green.