Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Crappy Things of Eagles' Sunday

Keeping with the Christmas theme, 12 things (I am sure you can think of many others as well) that went wrong for the Eagles yesterday....
  1. Mikell's dropped interception in the endzone that lead to the 'Skins first FG.
  2. Samuel's dropped interception...looked like open field for 6 pts. ahead of him (all that money should buy more than 4 interceptions a season!).
  3. A wasted time-out only 53 seconds into the 2nd half (you just knew we would need that at the end of the game!).
  4. L.J. Smith being L.J. Smith. Dropped passes and the missed block on 3rd and goal that would surely have lead to a TD.
  5. DeSean playing like a rookie WR. His two 4th quarter drops were painful to watch.
  6. Andy and Marty calling only 14 running plays (if you don't count the 2 meaningless runs at the end of the 1st half there were only 12!) despite the cold weather, going up against a good pass secondary, and the Eagles missing 2 of their top WRs. Balance wins Andy!
  7. Andy and Marty calling 12 straight pass plays to start the 4th quarter.
  8. The refs overturning a L.J.'s first down by one foot.
  9. The entire offense playing without a sense of urgency, unable to capitalize on the good fortune of the Cowboys and Bucs losing.
  10. Reid again not involving Buckhalter more in the offens.
  11. The offense struggling to execute an efficient 2 minute drill.
  12. Reggie Brown running a route short of the end zone.
In short, this sucks! Can't watch TV, can't read the paper...thanks jerk!


colonel said...

Here's today's question of the day:

If Jim Zorn is the self proclaimed "worst coach in the NFL", and he beat Andy Reid, what does that make Andy Reid? (Take as long as you need to answer, phone a friend, use one of your life-lines!)

Anonymous said...

Andy needs to be OUT. Boo Andy. BOO!

JP said...

I have to add one more. While you alluded to poor clock management in other parts of the game, that last drive pretty much summed up everything. The Eagles got the ball with almost 4 minutes remaining, one timeout, and the two minute warning ahead of them. Did anyone else notice that they huddled up and used up almost the entire play clock on the first two plays of that final drive? Yeah, they could have used more timeouts but did they really need them? Not if you ran the hurry up from the start.