Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2007 Will Repeat Itself

At this point I don't care. Though deserved, I am sick of the Eagles' bashing. I am sick of Reid and his excuses. I am sick of the players not handling the pressure. I am sick of another season (3 out of the last 4) without a playoff appearance.

But unfortunately the worst has yet to come.

No doubt the Eagles will beat the Cowboys on Sunday. Not because the win will secure a playoff spot because it won't. Not because the Eagles learned from their mistakes. Nope, I know the Eagles will win so the team can feed us the same BS as last year about how the team is headed in the right direction by winning 4 of their final 5 games.

The team will have plenty of confidence to carry into next season. Only a few tweaks are needed to again go "pedal to the metal" in 2009. It will be all too reminiscent of the 2007 season when they finished up by going 3-1.


Anonymous said...

Positive thinking. 2009's going to be a turning point. This time next year we'll be in the playoffs and have earned home advantage for all of them too. I can feel it. It's all about 2009.

Gary Knight said...

I've been thinking the same thing as Chris for a while now.

colonel said...

Yeah, I believe in the jolly fat man...no not the one coaching the Eagles, the one from the North Pole...so I unfortunately don't think next year is going to be any different than this year or last year as long as that other fat man is still around.

We got lucky early on because the rest of the division was terrible, but they and their coaches have caught up with us and we are what we are with the coach that we have.