Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008, The Year of the Phillies...But Wait

The team of the year in Philadelphia? Well, duh...even this green bleeding, Andy Reid beard growing fan knows the answer is the Phillies. A 25 year, 100 season wait is over, we are now the City of Champions.

Now which team is ready to follow the Phillies' lead and give the city another one?!? Despite the miraculous events of last Sunday, the smart money might go on the Flyers. But...

It could be our Eagles. Why not it be the men in green making a Phillies-like run to a title? Prior to the Phillies season, I was your typical doom and gloom Philly fan. No matter what good happened, I just knew something bad / heart breaking was waiting to squash my title dreams.
  • Joe Carter and Mitch Williams
  • The unbeatable Detroit Red Wings
  • The Shaq and Kobe Lakers
  • The Greatest Show on Turf
  • Blaine Bishop and Joe Jurevicius
  • The Panthers with no B-West
  • Smarty Jones and the back stretch
  • Vomit in Jacksonville
  • Scott Young and the false start

And those were only the highlights of my misery. But in 2008 things changed. There is no more Billy Penn curse. In it's place stands World F-ing Champions being celebrated by a few million friends on a Halloween afternoon

Anything is possible was proven true in 2008. Could 2009 be the year for the Iggles? "Why Can't Us" one more time.


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Anonymous said...

Why Can't Us Part II. Done. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!