Monday, December 1, 2008

4 Weeks and So Many Eagles Questions

So much will be determined in these next 4 weeks. The obvious is the Eagles missing or making the playoffs. It is believed that anything less than a 4-0 record and the Eagles are sitting home come January. Even if the playoffs are missed, there are still plenty of other story lines to follow.

Will Reid be back next season? Based on his contract and recent comments from an unnamed source in the front office the likely answer is yes. Thursday's win with a balanced offensive attack was a step in the right direction. Can Reid build upon his 25-12 December record (regular season) and secure his coaching and GM positions? Or will a losing record in 2008 cause the Eagles to eat Reid's contract in hopes of landing a Cowher, Spagnuolo, or McDaniels?

Will McNabb be back or can the Eagles get top value in the trade market for McNabb? Anything less than a Super Bowl victory this season and I would be shocked if #5 is under center for the Eagles next season. So the real question is what will McNabb be worth in a trade? Strong play in December could net the Eagles a possible 2nd rounder. Going belly-up in December could land McNabb on the bench again and the Eagles with less than fair value for McNabb in the off-season trade market.

Will Kolb get another chance this season to show his skills? As an Eagles fan you would hope this answer is yes. As long as the Eagles remain in playoff contention Kolb remains on the bench. As long as #4 is riding the pine the longer it takes to answer the question, can Kolb actually play? The 2009 season could be lost if it becomes Kolb's first stage to showcase his playing abilities.

Will the 2008 season be Dawkins last? This fan hopes not. Dawkins is everything that I love about the Eagles. Dawk still shows flashes of brilliance, but at other times shows that father time effects even Weapon X. Would the Eagles offer Dawkins another contract for his leadership and for a lesser role in 2009? I hope so.

The month of December will go a long way in determining the present and future of the Eagles. Enjoy the holiday season!

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