Sunday, December 14, 2008

America's Team? ESPN's Team...

I can't take it. ESPN's coverage of the Cowboys is nauseating. Enough, no one cares. The Cowboys are nothing more than a dysfunctional team ready to explode.

The coverage just isn't warranted. The Cowboys aren't championship caliber. The 'Boys are barely playoff caliber. So please spare America and stop the non-stop coverage.

All off-season we had to hear and watch coverage on how great the Cowboys were going to be. They had a collection of 13 Pro Bowlers and were shoe-ins to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Super Bowl, how about winning a playoff game or even a meaningful regular season game first. Romo is the poster boy for chocking in the clutch.

Then there was the sickening coverage of Romo's pinkie injury. Who freaking cares? The Cowboys are idiots for not having a better back-up plan than Brad Johnson.

Of course the injury then became when would Romo be back to save the season? He returns and they beat the lowly 49ers and Seahawks...big deal. When they played the Giants, right on cue, they Cowboys lost and Romo chocked...again!

And then this week it's non-stop coverage of the bickering egos within the Cowboys' locker room. The QB, WRs, and TE can't seem to get along. Everyone is me-first, I need my stats, screw the good of the team. My mom's elementary class has more mature people than the Cowboy's locker room.

So let's go Giants. Lets end this Cowboys season tonight. Let's make them irrelevant for the remainder of the season. God help us all if the Cowboys make the playoffs. ESPN will of course have them winning it all.

(Yea, I could just change the channel, but what's better than Sports Center, coffee, and a heaping bowl of Fruity O's in the morning!)

Randomness...Maybe Tampa Bay is going to need to lose 2 more for the Eagles to have a shot at the playoffs. The Falcons look good again today. Left on Tampa Bay's schedule after today are the Chargers and Raiders.


Anonymous said...

This is why I gave up on Sports Center and ESPN a long time ago. They became too CNN/SNY (sportsnet new york)2 for my liking so I gave up on them forever except for games. Even then though, baseball is yankees, mets, red sox, cubs, manny. Football is giants, cowgirls, favre. Basketball is all Stephen A (stolen from the Inq) all the time and hockey...I'm not sure they remember what that is.

Anonymous said...

Chargers looked terrible against KC. They have no chance in TB. Eagles only hope Vikings can pull a W or tie next week