Thursday, December 18, 2008

Andy Reid's 12 Days of Christmas

Even though he has been more naughty than nice this season...tis the season to spoil the Big Guy with some gifts.
  1. Robitussin Cough Syrup - should help with the throat clearing
  2. Black Tights / Spandex - T.O. was promised a spandex show after 15 TDs, why not Westbrook this season?!?
  3. AM/FM Walkman - Merrill Reese and Mike Quick can help with those red flag challenges
  4. Digital Watch - Monday night's first half ending was only the latest example
  5. Mel Kiper Jr's Draft Guide - no where does it say to trade away another first round pick
  6. SI's Phillies Championship Package - this is what a champion looks like
  7. Making Marriage Work For Dummies Book - time to mend that McNabb relationship
  8. Wall Street Journal Suscription - investing $4.5 million in L.J. Smith was not a wise investment
  9. A Fullback - Christmas may have come early with Kyle Eckel
  10. Sean Considine's Blackmail Pictures - now there is no reason not to cut Considine
  11. A Plunger - someone please remove Howard Eskin's lips from Reid's ass
  12. A Vikings Win on Sunday - OK this one is for me!


Anonymous said...

funny stuff. nice post kid.

petesbrewha said...

I especially like the considine and eskin ones

Anonymous said...

scary thought of Reid in tights, YUCK! great post!

steph said...

how about a pink slip from LURIE?!?

Zoe said...

Great post- funny. xo

Kellin said...

Now we got Leonard Weaver, one of the best FB's in the league right now.