Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Browns "W" Strategy??? Good or Not???

Maybe I am still feeling the effects of celebrating the victory over the G-Men, but the idea of maybe decreasing Westbrook's touches in the backfield sounds wise to me.

I hate to begin abandoning our "bread and butter" for fear of Reid becoming pass happy again if the air game proves too successful. But I might considering supporting the idea of converting to opening the passing game with more screens to Jackson and short yardage slants to Curtis!

Even as a fantasy owner of Westbrook, I would rather see him closer to 100% for the NFC East and potential playoff wild card games than a game against lowly Cleveland. I mean we surely have to be equipped and mind-tracked enough to beat those guys! The flip side, maybe playing it safe will cost us a early lead and worst, our chance to claim that wild card spot. Who Knows????

One thing is for sure, I'll be at the game shouting and yelling!!! GO EAGLES!!!

And does anyone know what's going with Omar Gaither???

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