Friday, December 26, 2008

Bucs Win, Kolb Is My QB

Come 4:15 on Sunday the Eagles will know if the Bucs, Vikings, and Bears won or lost. If the Eagles don't get the necessary help, there is zero reason for the Eagles to play McNabb on Sunday.

As an Eagles' fan it would be great to see the Cowboys lose and also miss the playoffs. But even Cowboys' misery takes a backseat to seeing if #4 can play / has a future in Philadelphia. Screw the rivalry, screw padding McNabb's stats, and screw taking false momentum into the off-season.

If the Bucs win, it's simple. You still play to win, but you also play Kolb.

Oddly the best scenario for Sunday might be an Eagles loss. We would learn that Kolb isn't ready, a record of 8-7-1 is much more damning to the "bring back Reid in 2009" argument, and the Eagles' draft standing would be improved.

A tough decision awaits the Eagles on Sunday. I have zero confidence in Reid getting it right.

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