Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can The Eagles Join The AFC West?

Seriously, an 8-8 record could end up winning the AFC West this season. The Eagles could finish 10-5-1 and miss the playoffs, despite finishing second in the powerful NFC East.

If the Eagles win out, are we now more confident in Tampa Bay or Atlanta losing one more? Tampa Bay finishes up against San Diego (thankfully still playing for the West division title) and Oakland. The Falcons finish up against the Vikings and Rams. I don't want to have to depend on the Rams or Raiders winning on the last weekend of the season.

Is it the Browns, the game being on Monday night, or pure lack of Eagles interest that has tickets for tomorrow night's game going for about $40 a piece on EBay? (Early Christmas present anyone?!?) Hopefully it's one of the first two reasons...December football, with playoff implications, and the Eagles...sounds exciting to this fan.

And looks like we can cross the 'Skins off of teams fighting for that last playoff spot. Could the Redskins again be in the market for a new coach this off-season? Who now thinks Zorn is a better coach than Reid?

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Mr 215 said...

Lets be optimistic "all of us fans" will there tonight to join the Eagles in the game...We need this win!