Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Thanks!!!

The best part of the holidays is that for a day or two we can forget about all that is wrong with the world today. If you read the papers, you might believe that the world is ending in 2009!

The best part of the holidays if you are an Eagles' fan is forgetting about all that went wrong in this 2008 season. A yard there, a yard there, a foot there and well, the Eagles are in the playoffs. But it didn't happen, but plenty of great things did happen for this fan this season.

Thank you to dad for another season of tailgates filled with steaks, burgers, crabs, ribs, beers, and of course our cigars. Thank you dad for another season of showing undying Eagles passion because the most important thing to you is always what makes me the happiest. Thank you to dad for the text messages, phone calls, and blog comments to share that I am not alone in believing Reid is an idiot. (Hopefully there will be no Reid to talk about in 2009!) (Already looking forward to our Phillies' games in 2009)

Thank you to Joann for her support, always giving up the computer, the bleeding logo, and for knowing that this Christmas season a J-Roll jersey was a better gift than an Eagles' jersey.

Thank you to mom and Joan for their support and for spreading the word of And of course thanks to Zoe for her appearances as the blogs' mascot.

So when the Eagles give us a season like 2008, don't forget all the great things that we got this Eagles season.

Merry Christmas from Bleed Eagles Green. Thank you everyone for all your support, reading, and comments this season.

Happy Holidays...No doubt 2009 is our year!


Anonymous said...

I love your optimism. Even with quite possibly the most unbelieveably disappointing end to the 2008 season you still manage to find the good in it all. Go Phillies.

Anonymous said...

Love this!!! Merry Christmas!! Xoxoxo