Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dawkins Speaks...I Believe Him

Our excitement or faith in the Eagles is stilling wavering a bit, but it is returning. Too often we have been teased by the Eagles. We get all hyped up, and then, BAM, disappointment. Does this latest Eagles' run mean things will end differently? Will the Eagles buzz again engulf the city or will we again get burned by setting our expectations too high? The next 3+ games will tell.

If you are still on the fence on the Eagles this season, there is no one better than Dawkins to get you pumped and fully believing in the Eagles' chances. Dawkins was on the 950 ESPN afternoon show today and made the following comments about the team's confidence and locker room...

"I love the confidence the are guys are playing with...everything in that locker room is pointing in the right direction."

I believe Dawkins. The man defines everything we love about the Eagles. But if something isn't right, he will let us know and won't just blow smoke up our asses. So if you too believe, something special could be brewing for the Eagles this season.

And most importantly, when asked if he would definitely be playing in the NFL next year, Dawkins answered, "Yes." In some role, let's hope it is still Eagles' green that he is wearing next season.

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