Friday, December 12, 2008

The DeSean Jackson Effect

In my opinion I think the Eagles got very lucky in their drafting of DeSean Jackson. They were drafting a PR and ended up with their #1 wide receiver. In the Reid system rookie WRs don't play, so his impact would strictly come on special teams.

Well injuries and Jackson being the best of the WR bunch allowed him to get right on the field. Smart move as Jackson has set numerous franchise rookie receiving records this season. Such luck could be a return favor for the crap WR draft picks of Reggie Brown and Freddie Mitchell. Regardless the Eagles finally have a true WR piece in place for many years to come.

The numbers and immediate impact are nice, but the greatest effect of Jackson will hopefully be seen this off-season. By finally hitting on a high offensive, skill position draft pick I think the Eagles will finally begin using their high draft picks to fill immediate holes and not on developing players.

The Eagles own two 1st round draft picks this season. Yea they might be on the low end side, but this draft class is expected to be very deep. The Eagles cannot trade away first day draft picks. The Eagles can't be afraid to draft play makers in the first round that can play and have an immediate impact next season. A RB to compliment B-West, a starting TE, another WR, or a stud OT.

Hopefully Reid learned a lesson with the Jackson drafting. Play makers can be had in the draft. Now we just have to get Banner to open up his pocketbook and pay two first rounders!


Unknown said...

Definitely need to draft a solid OT who can start 1st season if needed. Love Tre and John, but they both are on short time.

Anonymous said...

All solid OTs will be gone by 20th pick. I think Eagles will draft RB and FS in the 1st round. Tra will be back. John and Dawk's future is still uncertain.

Taylor Mays/William Moore and CJ Spiller. Spiller - BWest like. He can do PR, WR and RB.

Mike @ said...

sweet article. i wrote one about DeSean on my blog recently too. he is by far our best playmaker other than Westbrook and i think we under-utilize him big time.