Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eagles 2008 - This Sucks

Unless there is a Christmas miracle yet to happen, the Eagles 2008 season will end today. Sickening, maddening, disappointing....

Remember back in the off-season, reading predictions about this team going 12-4? Or how excited we all were last weekend after the Bucs lost?

But instead it will be another season without the playoffs. The season will be remembered for coming up short (a yard short, a foot short) too often in the clutch. This sucks.

The sting of disappointment is so great with this fan that a Cowboys / Eagles game has little excitement for me today. The best part of today's game...L.J. Smith will finally be gone. I can only dream that the same fate holds true for Reid.

And in typical maddening Eagles style, I am fully confident in the Eagles winning today. The Eagles will end up missing the playoffs by the slightest of margins...making the disappointment, the anger of what could have been even greater.

Screw a championship next year, I just want a return to the playoffs. It wasn't too long ago that it was Championship or bust for the Eagles franchise. I hope you are happy Reid, Banner, and Lurie!


Anonymous said...

It's the nfl bud - it's not over until it's over.

I'm still waiting to wake up atm, did this really just happen today LOL?

Anonymous said...

And you got your xmas miracle! Not over yet!!!

Anonymous said...

You spoke too soon chris. you have to remember...this is philly's year. next victim = minny

--cousin dave

Anonymous said...

'Cousin Dave'. Too funny.